Kemian laitos


Organic chemistry courses taught in University of Jyväskylä:

- Basics of Chemistry 4 (organic chemistry), 6 cr: Organic chemistry course for 1st year students (Dr. Huuskonen)

- Organic Chemistry 1, 5 cr: Organic Chemistry course for 2nd year students (Prof. Nissinen)

- Organic Chemistry 2, 4 cr : Organic Chemistry course for 2nd year students (Prof. Pihko)

- Organic chemistry laboratory work, 4 cr: Organic chemistry laboratory work for subject studies (2nd year students (Dr. Lahtinen)

- Advanced Organic Chemistry, 6 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Pihko)

- Modern Synthetic Chemistry, 6 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Pihko)

- Supramolecular Chemistry, 6 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Nissinen)

- Basics of Material Chemistry, 4 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Nissinen) 

- Basics of Mass Spectrometry, 4 cr: M.Sc. level course (Dr. Kalenius)

- Practical Mass Spectrometry, 2 cr: M.Sc. level course (Dr. Kalenius)

- Theoretical basis of NMR spectroscopy, 4 cr: M.Sc. level course (Dr. Sievänen)

- NMR spectroscopy in structural research, 2 cr: M.Sc. level course (Dr. Sievänen)

- Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory I-III, M.Sc. level laboratories (Dr. Lahtinen)

- Molecular structures and intermolecular interactions, 2 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Rissanen)

- Physical organic chemistry, 4 cr: M.Sc. level course (Prof. Pihko)


Details of the courses are found from electronic study guide of the Faculty.


In addition we supervise B. Sc. and M.Sc. projects and thesis and participate on teaching in nanoscience laboratory courses and Jyväskylä Summer School courses.