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Inverse problems

Inverse problems research concentrates on the mathematical theory and practical implementation of indirect measurements. Applications are found in numerous research fields involving scientific, medical or industrial imaging; familiar examples include X-ray computed tomography and ultrasound imaging. Inverse problems have a rich mathematical theory employing modern methods in partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and differential geometry.

The inverse problems research group focuses on fundamental theoretical aspects of inverse problems such as the Calderón problem in electrical imaging and travel time tomography in seismic imaging. The group is part of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research, is involved in activities of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society, and is supported by the European Research Council.

Current events


Mikko Salo professor
Joonas Ilmavirta postdoctoral researcher
Aleksis Koski postdoctoral researcher
Jere Lehtonen postdoctoral researcher
Valter Pohjola postdoctoral researcher
Giovanni Covi doctoral student
Keijo Mönkkönen doctoral student
Jesse Railo doctoral student

Previous members.


Examples of research topics in the field are given on the research highlights webpage of the Centre of Excellence.

Recent publications

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      Earlier publications


        This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 307023.