Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
'Contact Information' Office MaD356 +358 40 8054588
Honkonen Miia Secretary MaD356 +358 40 8055065
Juutinen, Petri Professor, Vice Head of Department and Pedagogical Director MaD362 +358 40 8053427 mathematics
Kilpeläinen, Tero Professor, Head of Department MaD307 +358 40 80543432 mathematics
Säntti-Ahomäki, Hannele Education Coordinator MaD365 +358 40 8053450


Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
Geiss, Stefan professor MaD339 +358 40 8053422 mathematics
Juutinen, Petri Professor, Vice Head of Department and Pedagogical Director MaD362 +358 40 8053427 mathematics
Karvanen, Juha Professor MaD322 +358 40 8054667 statistics
Kilpeläinen, Tero Professor, Head of Department MaD307 +358 40 80543432 mathematics
Koskela, Pekka Professor MaD360 +358 40 8053433 mathematics
Onninen, Jani Professor, absent -31.5.2018 MaD367 +358 40 8053747 mathematics
Rajala, Kai Professor MaD358 +358 40 8053465 mathematics
Salo, Mikko Professor MaD359 +358 40 8054476 mathematics


Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
Geiss, Christel Senior Lecturer MaD340 +358 40 8053458 stochastics
Högmander, Harri Lecturer MaD330 +358 40 8053459 statistics
Kankainen, Annaliisa Lecturer MaD331 +358 40 8053460 statistics
Kurittu, Lassi University Teacher MaD375 mathematics
Kärkkäinen, Salme Senior Lecturer MaD327 +358 40 8053461 statistics
Laitinen, Anni University Teacher MaD342 +358 40 8053451 stochastics
Lammi, Päivi University Teacher MaD303 +358 40 8053436 mathematics
Lehrbäck, Juha Senior Lecturer MaD370 +358 40 8053437 mathematics
Lehtonen, Ari Lecturer MaD374 +358 40 8053438 mathematics
Luoma, Arto Senior Lecturer MaD326 +358 50 3447147 statistics
Pankka, Pekka Senior Lecturer, absent -31.8.2018 +358 40 8054941 mathematics
Parkkonen, Jouni Senior Lecturer MaD363 +358 40 8053462 mathematics
Parviainen, Mikko Senior Lecturer MaD306 +358 40 8053445 mathematics
Taskinen, Sara Senior Lecturer MaD328 +358 40 8053466 statistics
Vähäkangas, Antti University Teacher MaD373 mathematics
Äkkinen, Tuomo University Teacher MaD309 +358 40 8053456 mathematics

Post doctoral researcher/Academy Research Fellow

Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
Arroyo, Angel Postdoctoral Researcher MaD344 mathematics
Attouchi, Amal Postdoctoral Researcher MaD305 mathematics
Brander, Tommi Postdoctoral Researcher MaD325 +358 40 8054743 mathematics
Dumont Thibaut Postdoctoral Researcher MaD375 mathematics
Gerolin Gavea Augusto Post doctoral researcher MaD332 mathematics
Helske, Jouni Postdoctoral Researcher +358 40 8053470 statistics
Ilmavirta, Joonas Postdoctoral Researcher MaD310 +358 40 8054743 mathematics
Julin, Vesa Academy Research Fellow MaD304 +358 40 8053429 mathematics
Jääskeläinen, Jarmo Postdoctoral Researcher MaD372 mathematics
Koski, Aleksis postdoctoral researcher MaD316 +358 40 8053421 mathematics
Lahti, Panu Postdoctoral Researcher MaD369 mathematics
Laukkarinen, Eija Postdoctoral researcher MaD369 stochastics
Le Donne, Enrico Academy Research Fellow MaD313 +358 40 8054706 mathematics
Lehtonen, Jere Postdoctoral Researcher MaD357 mathematics
Pohjola Valter Postdoctoral researcher MaD314
Rajala, Tapio Academy Research Fellow MaD341 +358 40 8054593 mathematics
Ruosteenoja, Eero Postdoctoral Researcher MaD357 mathematics
Siljander, Juhana Postdoctoral Researcher, absent -31.8.2017 mathematics
Soto Tomás Post doctoral researcher MaD371 mathematics
Tengvall, Ville Postdoctoral Researcher MaD343 mathematics
Tripaldi, Francesca Postdoctoral Researcher MaD308 mathematics
Vihola, Matti Academy Research Fellow MaD321 stochastics
Ärje, Johanna Post doctoral researcher MaD324 +358 40 8053467 statistics

Graduate Student

Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
Covi, Giovanni Doctoral Student MaD361 mathematics
Essebei, Fares Doctoral Student MaD250 mathematics
Franks, Jordan Doctoral Student MaD252 stochastics
Hakavuori, Eero Doctoral Student MaD237 mathematics
Heino, Joonas Doctoral Student MaD243 +358 40 8053428 mathematics
Kausamo Anna Doctoral Student MaD315 mathematics
Kivioja, Ville Doctoral Student MaD236 mathematics
Kopra, Juho Doctoral Student MaD319 statistics
Kukko, Tuomas Doctoral Student statistics
Liu, Jia Doctoral Student statistics
Lohvansuu, Atte Doctoral Student MaD244 +358 40 8053453 mathematics
Luoto, Antti Doctoral Student MaD338 mathematics
Moisala, Terhi Doctoral Student MaD236 mathematics
Mukherjee, Shirsho Doctoral Student MaD251 mathematics
Mönkkönen, Keijo Doctoral Student MaD249 mathematics
Nandi, Debanjan Doctoral Student MaD237 mathematics
Nguyen, Ngoc Khanh Doctoral Student MaD338 mathematics
Nguyen, Tran Thuan Doctoral Student MaD250 stochastics
Nicolussi Golo, Sebastiano Doctoral Student mathematics
Niemi, Aki Doctoral Student +358 50 3096909 statistics
Niinikoski Joonas Doctoral Student MaD368 +358 44 2628799 mathematics
Niku, Jenni Doctoral Student MaD323 statistics
Railo Jesse Doctoral student MaD249 +358 40 8247218 mathematics
Rasimus, Martti Doctoral Student MaD244 mathematics
Räbinä, Antti Doctoral Student MaD318 mathematics
Schultz, Timo Doctoral Student MaD251 mathematics
Siltakoski, Jarkko Doctoral Student MaD361 +358 40 8053469 mathematics
Tikka, Santtu Doctoral Student MaD323 statistics
Wang, Zhuang Doctoral Student MaD252 mathematics
Xu, Haiqing Doctoral Student MaD252 mathematics
Ylinen Henri Doctoral Student MaD338 +358 50 3009096 mathematics
Zhu, Zheng Doctoral Student MaD318 mathematics


Name Title Room Phone number Email Subject
Kahanpää, Lauri Emeritus Lecturer MaD366 +358 50 4652301 mathematics
Kuusalo, Tapani Emeritus Professor MaD366 mathematics
Leskinen, Esko Emeritus Professor MaD366 statictics
Nyblom, Jukka Emeritus Professor MaD320 +358 50 5229651 statistics
Pahkinen, Erkki Emeritus Professor MaD366 +358 50 5126174 statistics
Penttinen, Antti Professor emeritus MaD320 +358 50 5164402 statistics