XENT003 Communication Skills (3 op)



After completion of the course students are expected to:

- communicate orally, with confidence, in formal and informal situations in an academic and workplace context,
- prepare and deliver a professional presentation that follows internationally accepted norms,
- recognize, understand and adjust to fundamental intercultural differences in communication,
- work purposefully in groups, negotiating and building on the contributions of others to complete tasks,
- present information and argue clearly, concisely, and persuasively to others,
- master their field-specific vocabulary,
- be familiar with and use various resources to facilitate and support the above.


General and small group discussions, field-specific individual presentations, problem-solving tasks, may also include interactive studio work.


Students will enhance their oral communication skills in academic and professional situations relating to their own field and future profession. Students will become familiar with the conventions and cultural considerations associated with spoken production and interaction. In addition students will develop communication confidence and team working skills.


Compulsory for some undergraduate degrees, and also for some Master’s degrees – check the requirements for your faculty

TARGET GROUPS: Primarily second year (Finnish) students


Compulsory and active participation. Successful completion of core assignments. Final grading is based on the applicable grading scale for the course.


XEN*001 Academic Reading where required

PROFICIENCY LEVEL: B2 -> C1 (upper intermediate)