XENX009 Integrated Research Communication (4-5 op)



Upon completion of the course, students will
- have understanding the types of knowledge and information management needed for research writing
- have familiarity with the conventions, language, and principles of academic writing in their field
- have understanding of intercultural differences in research writing and presentation
- know how to report quantitative and qualitative research
- know how to use references and citation without plagiarism
- have developed skills in synthesising and evaluating research information in various formats of written and oral academic communication and presentation
- know how to assess and edit their own writing and how to do peer evaluation and provide constructive feedback


The course is composed of some 32-36 hours of contact study in class, as well as individual and small group feedback sessions on the assignments. All assignments – including e.g. an annotated bibliography, a critical review, a research plan, a literature review, and a seminar abstract and presentation - are integrated with the subject studies and follow their requirements. Active participation in teaching and completing and passing learning assignments is required. Modes of study might include lectures, workshops, simulations, and academic writing and oral presentation assignments. The modules usually include collaborative and individual work in an online platform, as well as individual supervision and feedback.


This course is integrated into and tailored for Master’s programmes. It provides support for research writing and the thesis-writing process, from defining the research focus to synthesising, writing and presenting a research plan in the thesis seminar. Alternatively, the course can be integrated into subject study assignments, in which case they follow the requirements of these subject studies and seminars.
The main focuses are information management, the conventions of research reporting and academic writing in the discipline of interest, seminar and presentation skills, and academic skills for learning through English. Requirements and main focuses vary, and detailed information for your group can be found in Korppi. Training is provided by Language Centre English lecturers.


Compulsory course in some International Master’s Degree Programmes. Please check the requirements from your faculty or from http://kielikeskus.jyu.fi/opetus/englanti/international-students-and-masters-programmes/international-masters-programmes. Please sign up in your own group in Korppi.


Continuous assessment, self-assessment, and peer assessment. Specific assessment criteria covering six areas (content, citation, organisation, cohesion and coherence, accuracy, and presentation) are used in evaluating the assignments.