XENX042 Finnish Roma Culture Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (3 op)



After completion of the course students are expected to:

- Know how to confidently communicate in informal and formal situations within an academic and workplace context concerning the Finnish Roma culture.
- Know how to search and to critically evaluate sources to differentiate factual from biased information about Finnish Roma Culture.
- Know how to synthesize and evaluate information and communicate it in the form of a presentation or newspaper article on a specific theme regarding Finnish Roma Culture or another minority group from your own country.


The course is composed of contact study in class, submission of a newspaper article or a presentation. Modes of study include individual and group work, guest visits, participation in a seminar.


This course provides factual information about minority groups in general and, especially, about the little known Roma Culture in Finland. The course encompasses a wide range of subjects on the Finnish Roma 500 year history, language and culture. You will meet and learn the perspectives of Roma themselves. You will learn about the customs, norms and values of the culture and their process of moving into the future.


Active participation and successful completion of all assignments.