XESX008 Brazil: Society, Culture, Media, Politics and Economics (5 op)

espanja , englanti


In order to get the 5 credits you have to participate in a minimum of 8 of the 11 lectures/sessions (4h). There is no final exam but an interesting assignment.


Brazil is a fascinating country. It has over 200 million inhabitants in an area that is bigger than whole Europe (thetruesize.com). So, if you find that someday you want to get out of here (you know: too cold...) and try to live and develop culturally and professionally, Brazil might be a good choice.

In order to understand Brazil and its culture, first we will have a look at Portugal, a country whose historical influence we can find in every continent.

These are some of the subjects of the lectures/sessions:

· Music: from fado to samba.

. "All you want to know about Portugal"

· Communicating with Brazilians: language and manners

· Brazil: a racial paradise?

· Government and political system in Portugal and Brazil.

· Capoeira, candomblé, umbanda and witchcraft.

· Brazilian media and cinema.

· Brazil: Art, literature and architecture.

· Portuguese and Brazilian gastronomy.

· Doing business with Brazilians.

· Professional and education in Brazil.

· From Pelé to Neymar: Brazilian football.

· Energy: petroleum, ethanol and hydropower.

· The Amazon: soya bean, nationalism and ecology.


The lectures are given in English. In every session there will be wide audiovisual support (music, videos, films) and… a very relaxed atmosphere during the lectures.


Given by the lecturer


Active participation and the assignment.