XYHX003 Fundamentals in Intercultural and Multilingual Communication (3-5 op)



On completion of the course, the students are expected to:

•understand and be able to discuss fundamental issues in intercultural communication such as identification, stereotyping or processes related to multilingual interaction
•understand that different languages encode different world views and that communication itself is relative
•acknowledge and be willing to engage with different ways of seeing and with realities different than one’s own
•appreciate the complexity of human interaction and understand that culture does not determine but rather may inform our communication in different ways
•be sensitive to power inequalities inherent in intercultural communication


Keskustelut, luennot, erityyppiset harjoitukset, ryhmätyö ja sen raportointi, sekä yksilöllinen kirjallinen oppimistehtävä.


The course introduces students to fundamental issues and concepts in intercultural and multilingual communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course offers a theoretical and practical framework for enhancing students’ knowledge of and competence in intercultural and multilingual issues. The aim of the course is to encourage students to gain basic knowledge about intercultural communication and languages, to enhance students’ intercultural communication skills and language skills in some additional languages, and to build students’ confidence for participation in intercultural contexts.

The course consists of 36 hours of lectures. In addition to lectures, methods of learning include:
- selected readings, discussions, a group assignment (3 ECTS)
-all of the above plus an individual assignment (5 ECTS)


Ryhmätyöhön osallistuminen, oppimistehtävät (ryhmätyö, sekä itsenäinen kirjallinen oppimistehtävä), sekä aktiivinen osallistuminen kontaktiopetukseen. Tarkemmat kriteerit esitellään kurssilla.