XYHX1000 Monikielinen luova kirjoittaminen – leiki luovasti kielillä! (1-2 op)

englanti , suomi


After completion of the course, students are expected to recognize the possibilities of multilingual writing and alternative processes of multilingual text production. Furthermore, their expression of fictitious texts is expected to become more diverse.


Contact sessions (participation in group work) and completion of assignments.


Students will try creative writing in various languages and genres, for example, poetry, short fiction, fragments, aphorisms, etc. In addition, to sharing the ideas about multilingual texts, the contact sessions will offer various creative writing exercises, courageously playing with different languages, and thus activating students’ overall linguistic repertoire.

During the course, students will obtain both the teacher and peer feedback on their texts.

At the end of the course, an Open Mic will be held, where everyone will have an opportunity to present ones’ own texts to the group.

Students may get two (2) credits for the course, however, that will require their active participation in pair or group work and publishing of their texts in the selected forum.

The course can be included in optional communication and language studies.


Active participation. Successful completion of assignments.