Info on printing and copying at the University of Jyväskylä

Welcome to use copy and print services of the University of Jyväskylä!


Printing and copying at the university is liable to charge. The university pays the student a quota of 7 euros per academic term. Regular degree students and students pursuing separate pedagogical studies are eligible for the student’s printing quota, if they present the receipt of the Student Union fee. International exchange students are eligible for the student’s printing quota without Student Union fee. Certificate of Registration will be enough for print quota.

If a student pays the fee for the whole academic year, he/she will be given a quota of 14 EUR. The sum is fed to the student’s personal print and copy account to be accessed with the student’s own user ID. The students can pay for more quota to their accounts from the Universitys Online Payment Services. The smallest purchase is 3 EUR that gives you 42 A4-size prints or copies.  Postgraduates and students pursuing supplementary studies shall pay for the copying and printing themselves, or negotiate on the procedure with their own department.

Canon multifunctional devices enable you to copy, print or scan – even in colour.

In order to use the device you have to register, that is to identify yourself .
You can do this with the student card (recommentation) or copy key, or by entering your user ID and password, which are the same that you use in the university network.

University Print will deliver copy keys to students at the University Shop (SOPPI). You should take good care of the copy key in order to prevent any misuse by another person.

When you use the Student card or copy key for the first time, you will be asked to register.
Activate your card by giving your user ID and password using the keypad, after which you do not have to give codes anymore when logging into the system, just show your card to the reader.

When you print from your work station to the multiuse device, choose Jysecure printer. The document will be transferred to the server (for 24 hrs)  waiting to be released from any Canon machine anywhere in the campus.
When you wish to release your document for print, register yourself in a way described in the previous chapter. After registering you will see your own job list from Secure Print and may release the print. In IT classes there are smaller Canon printers that are operated directly from the work stations, just choose the Jysecure printer and release your job with your registered copy key. Printer release all new print jobs immediately.
In normal use, the multiuse device is recommended.

The service staff of the University Print Services is ready to help you in all questions related to Print it –service.


Contact info about Print it –service:

The service personnel of the University Printing Services will help you is any questions concerning Print it –service and the machines. They are also responsible for supplying service to the equipment if needed.

University Printing Services

Messages about machines, IDs or service to: printmaster@jyu.fi

tel. 050 441 4030  (mon - fri 8.00 - 16.00)


Canon Multipurpose devices for student use in the following buildings (updated 01/2019):


MaA, 2nd floor (Campus library)

MaD 202, the lounge of the 2nd floor

AGORA, 1st floor (near the computer classes)

YLISTÖ, Campus library, Building YK, Ylistönrinne



  • Stair landing, 1st floor
  • Stair landing, 2nd floor
  • Stair landing, 3rd floor
  • Computers, 2nd floor

LIIKUNTA, L-building, lounge 215

HISTORICA, 1st floor, room H103

MUSICA, 3rd floor

MUSIIKKIKAMPUS, Pitkäkatu 18-22, 2nd floor lounge

KORTEPOHJA, Student Village, D-building, 0 floor


Buy print quota:


Notice! Print account is personal and you can´t transmit it to another account. We don´t refund print account.




Cygnaeuksenkatu 3

Avoinna: Ma - pe 8:00 - 16:00

PL 35

FI-40014 Jyväskylän

Asiakaspalvelu: puh. 040 805 3654

Painotuotanto ja tarjouspyynnöt (Print production and offers): 

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Print it -kopio- ja tulostuspalvelun tukitiedot
(JY:n henkilökunta ja opiskelijat):

puh. 050 441 4030 (vain tuki)
(ma-pe 08.00 - 16.00)