Pro Gradu Thesis

How order Pro Gradu Thesis


Dear student

You can send your pro gradu thesis as attached file (PDF format) to  paino@jyu.fi or bring it to us at the University Printing House in paper version/electronic format or send it to the address:
Yliopistopaino, PL 35, 40014 Jyväskylän yliopisto.
Please do not forget to give your telephone number at least in any messages!

Basic fee for printing of material is 7 €/order. Copying is 3 €/order. Revision the file, sorting, etc. will costs according the used time.

Copy/print fee (black & white) per page is 7 cents.
Copy/print fee in colour is 30 cents /page.
Please, tell us do you want colourpages in colour or in black & white and do you want pages 1- or 2-sided.
If it´s 2-sided, you have to make the dodument 2-sided from the start with mirrow edging.

Handmade hard binding costs 22 € per book. Your name and year in golden letters will be printed in the back of the work. You can choose between small or capital letters and the order of your first name and surname.
Covers color are black, blue or red.
For an additional fee of 3 € you will get the text Pro Gradu or the university torch emblem on the front cover. Also name of the job can be added in front cover. Cost is 3 euros for one text row.

It is also possible to use soft adhesive binding, the fee is 4,20 € (transparent front cover and tough white cardboard back cover).

In case your work is returned by mail, we charge package and mail costs according to the weight.
University post service to the departments is free of charge.
Do not forget to give information on the precise mail address in your message.

If your order is charged by invoice, we need to know your full Social Security Number (incl. the last four digits) and the precise mailing address for the invoice. Invoicing fee is 8 €. If you collect your work at the Print, you may use cash or credit card for payment (Visa Elektron also accepted).

The timetable is as follows: the deadline for incoming printed papers is Monday at 12.00, the work will be ready on Wednesday at 2 pm.
If the prints comes in by Wednesday at 12.00, the work will be ready on the following Monday at 2 pm.
If printing/copying is needed, the material has to be at the Print on the previous workday.
Urgent cases must be negotiated separately, the extra fee for express delivery is 20 €/order.

If you order more than 2 copies of your thesis you can get 10% discount of binding.

With kindest regards,

University Printing House
Cygnaeuksenkatu 3
P.O. Box 35
40014 University of Jyväskylä
tel. 040 805 3654 & 040 508 4656 (customer service)

E-mail: paino@jyu.fi




Cygnaeuksenkatu 3

Avoinna: Tarkista kesäaukiolo Ajankohtaista-osiosta. Muuten arkisin 8:00 - 16:15

PL 35

FI-40014 Jyväskylän

Asiakaspalvelu: puh. 040 805 3654

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Print it -kopio- ja tulostuspalvelun tukitiedot
(JY:n henkilökunta ja opiskelijat):

puh. 050 441 4030 (vain tuki)
(ma-pe 08.00 - 16.00)