Course packs for students

Course packs are mostly centrally sold at University Shop SOPPI (Seminaarinmäki 15, near Library and T building) and Ylistö Library (Survontie 9) - depending on lecturer. Always when prosessed by University Print, all booklet material is to be found in the electronic archives of University Print and to be printed on demand if needed.

Large-scale printing/copying tasks of the departments

Extensive copying is centralised to be carried out at University Press thus making the best of the new equipment. The well-functioning and usable print and order system through the network makes it possible to send material in electronic form easily to the Print.

The new system provides the possibility for speedy scanning of old printed material to PDF form even with the department’s own equipment as well as for forwarding it to the Print in the manner described above. As large-scale work orders can easily be forwarded for print to the proper product unit, this will facilitate effective use of human resources at the departments thus implementing the targets of productivity programme. A lesser loading of smaller scale equipment with unnecessarily large works also helps in getting the best of their performance in applications they are designed for. The University Print provides training in the introduction of the electronic order system. The transport service of the Print supports this system.




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