How to operate the Canon Multipurpose Device

Instructions on Print it –services


How to register yourself/log in?
Correct way to log out of the service
How to choose the language?
How to choose different functions?

All the basic functions of Canon multiuse machines can be found in Home icon. It is on up left corner of the panel marked with Home-icon (grey house).


Identification with Student Card or Copy key

Student card or copy key is used for registering yourself as user of the multiuse machine. If necessary you can pick your copy key at the University Shop (SOPPI). After identifying yourself to the system with your card or copy key, it will start charging  your user account whenever you print, copy or scan, so do take good care of your card and copy key. If you lose or damage your copy key, you will be charged material and handling costs for a new key. Note that you cannot use the machine unless you have enough balance on your account. You can load up additional balance here ???

To log in

You can release your prints, scan and copy documents with any Canon multiuse device.
Log in can be made in two different ways.

1. With the student card (recommendation) or copy key: Show the card to the reader (on the left)
When you use your card for the first time, you are asked to register (activate) the card for your own use. Give your user ID and password (the same as in university network), and your card will be registered in the system. After having done this once,  you do not need to give user ID and password anymore, just show the card to the reader.

2. Use your own user ID and password (the same as the ones you use for logging into your work station in the university network). Choose ‘Alternate registration’ (Vaihtoehtoinen kirjautuminen), and enter you user ID and password.
If you cannot access the multifunctional device with you own user ID and password, you have to change the password into a JYUNET password. This can be done at http://salasana.jyu.fi
The new password will be synchronized with other services in the university network, such as Korppi, etc. Please avoid using special characters to ensure a successful access.

If your password is OK but you will still be shown ‘Access denied’, you probably have a nearly zero or even negative balance in your account. The new equipment prevents access, if there is no balance.

To log out

You can log out in two different ways.

1. Press Key button on the right of the panel and confirm the logout.
2. Press Home menu (Home key). Press your own name up on the right. Choose
Logout and confirm it.

The system will log you out automatically after nine minutes of non-operation.


Press the key with persons talking to each other up on the right in the screen. Choose the language and save.


Log in. Press Home key on the left and choose one of the function keys. You will find Copy (all copying menus), Secure Print (print menus), Scan and Send (scanning to your home directory or E-mail), Scan and Store (scan to USB flash drive).


1. Place the originals into the feeding head or on the exposure glass.
2. Press Home key
3. Choose Copy
4. Choose Colour from the menu (multi)colour or Black and white. Automatic colour detection is the default.
5. Choose 1-/2 –sidedness from the menu, if you wish to copy 2-sided ones. 1-sided is the default.
6. Choose sort or staple from the Release menu.
7. If you wish to have more than one copy, choose the number from the keypad on the right.
8. Press the green Start button
9. You can stop copying by pressing the red Stop button (next to Start).
How to copy a book?
- Place the book on the exposure glass.
- Choose Book original from  Layout sheet.
- Choose Both pages. If the book is thick, you can choose inner side fade-out in millimeters. Save
- Choose from the settings Size of the original. Choose Own. See the scales in the exposure glass and give the size of the open book in millimeters. Save.
- Choose Total size from Copying sheet  and Autom% from the Insert, and the size of the copy will be scaled automatically.
- If you so wish, you can also choose 2-sidedness from the Copying sheet.


Printing from PC:
1. Choose File and Print
2. Set jysecure as printer
3. Choose Properties in the printer window
4. Choose Paper and print –sheet
5. Choose 1- or 2-sidedness from the menu. 2-sidedness is the default value.
6. If you wish to print in colour, choose Colour from the menu.
7. If you wish the sheets to be stapled, choose 1 or 2 staples from the menu. Some machines offer the possibility of making booklets
8. Press OK. Now you can release your documents at any machine.
There are two ways of printing from a multiuse machine.
1. Release of saved documents (Printing from PC). Log in. Press Print from Home key menu. Choose the job and print it.
It is not possible to adjust sidedness or colour of saved documents.
Your space for saved documents is limited, so please delete the jobs when they are no longer needed.
2. Printing from USB flash drive. 

Log in. Plug USB flash drive to USB port on the left. When the system has recognised the USB flash drive, choose Print from USB. Choose the desired document and print it by pressing the green Start button. You can adjust  sidedness and finishing. Colour is detected automatically.

Mobile printing

If you want send print jobs to Canon printer from your own mobile device (smart phone, laptop) then only way is via email. Please send PDF of picture files to address printit@jyu.fi. After that only attachments will be ready to release from Secure Print que. Notice that you must use for sending your universitys confirmed email address.


Tip for economic use of paper, e.g. in Microsoft Word
Two pages on the same sheet, 2-sided and stapled:
- Choose Jysecure as printer
- On Layout sheet you can choose how many pages per sheet you print, choose 2 (Do not make the choice in the main window but do it on Properties menu.)
- On Paper/Output sheet choose from 1-Sided Print or 2-Sided (default). When you print horizontal A4 sheet, choose Flip on short edge.
- If you wish to have stapled prints, choose on Paper/Output sheet Finishing for staples Left corner (Standing)


Scanning is possible in three different ways: to your home directory (U-drive), e-mail or USB flash drive.

Scanning to e-mail (max file size 1MB)
1. Place the originals to the feeding head or on the glass.
2. Choose Home key.
3. Choose Scan and Send --> Email
4. Addressee default is the user (myself@uniflow)
5. Choose Additional settings menu. Choose Resolution for defining scanning resolution. The greater the resolution, the better quality of the image, but the file size gets larger.
6. Choose E-mail properties sheet. Choose file format. You can choose PDF, TIFF, XPS or JPEG.
7. Press the green Start button.

Scanning to your home directory (Scanjobs)
1. Place the originals in the feeding head or on the glass.
2. Choose Home key.
3. Choose Scan and Send --> Scanjobs.
4. Adjust the properties on the touch screen.
5. Press the green Start button.
6. Scanned documents will be in your own U-drive of the university network.

Scanning to USB flash drive
1. Place the originals on the feeding unit or on the glass.
2. Plug the USB flash drive to USB port. When the system has recognised the USB flash drive, choose Scan and Store.
3. Adjust the properties on the display.
4. Press the green Start button.
5. Remove the USB flash drive from green eject button.






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