01 Nov 2016

Bulletin October 2016

RECLAS opening events and activities, October 2016

RECLAS activities (previously known as the profiling area Applied Language Studies for the Changing  Society) have now started. The autumn program has been full in many ways; here's a compilation of the past and the future!  

We launched off on September 20 with the Think School at Harmooni, where we envisioned the starting points and future aspirations of how to develop the area of applied language studies. Our Learning café produced a variety of perspectives that dealt with working together, creating favorable conditions for research, supporting multidisciplinary, informal brainstorming sessions, supporting risk-taking, allowing for time... Read also Nelli Miettinen and Erja Kyckling's blog (in Finnish...)  at http://kielikampus.jyu.fi/blog/visioiden-voimin-kohti-soveltavan-kielentutkimuksen-tulevaisuutta/    

Our official opening seminar on October 3 at Lea Pulkkinen auditorium gathered about fifty participants. The discussions, voting, and especially discussions of the panel discussion highlighted the importance of creating a joint space, developing internal and external co-operation, possibilities for both systematic and more random meetings, and a joint "wicked question" we could all relate to. Read also Anitta Kananen's piece in Sähköjyvä on the inaugural seminar (in Finnish https://www.jyu.fi/tiedonjyva/uutiset/uusia-ratkaisuja-yhteiskunnan-ongelmiin 

Behind the link  https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/424970013BA5CAA8.par  you'll find a feedback form on both events – if you participated, please answer! If you did not participate, but wish to give feedback on the events and activities so far, you can use the "other feedback" boxes!    The first visitors have also already come and gone, and there are more to come. Updated information in visitors can be found at https://www.jyu.fi/hum/laitokset/kielet/en/research/profile/Profiling-initiative/visiting-scholars    

Recruitment process for one post doc and 1-2 associate professors begun in early autumn. Both positions  had more than 40 applicants (half of them international), reflecting the fact that our field and community interests both at home and abroad! Johanna Ennser-Kananen (Austrian born with a doctorate from the USA) will begin as post doc researchers on November 1, 2016. Associate professor recruitment is in progress; 7 applicants were selected for expert assessment;  Professor Michele Knobel (Montclair State University) and Professor Helen Kelly-Holmes (University of Limerick) have agreed to assess the applicants.  

The next major event, where our intention is to continue to blow up the old structures, is the meeting of the Scientific expert group (Alastair Pennycook, Susan Wright, Li Wei, Luisa Martin Rojo and Francois Grin; Suresh Canagarajah is unfortunately unable to attend) on October 31 - November 1. A more detailed program will be announced shortly, but mark your calendars already for Research fair on Monday, 31.10. at 14-18, and a round table discussion on Tuesday 1.11. from 9 to 11.30. Be prepared to submit your most recent publications (books since 2012; articles since 2014; the thematic area coordinators will make the final selection).  

Already before the expert group's visit, the current thematic areas shall meet; feel free to attend all  if you will!

  • Language policies and social structure, Tuesday October 18 at 14: 15-17 CALS meeting room AgC 513 (registration by October 17 to  erja.p.kyckling@student.jyu.fi.)  

  • Discourses on language, diversity and (in) equality, Puutarhurin talo Wednesday 19 October from 16.15 to 18. (registration by October 14 to sanna.j.lehtonen@jyu.fi).  

  • Language learning, teaching and assessment Thursday, 20.10. at 14-17 (registration by October 14 to  erja.p.kyckling@student.jyu.fi; the place will be confirmed at the end of the registration)  

Theme groups discuss a variety of activities, new initiatives and opportunities. The thematic areas are the starting point, but not necessarily a long term structure  - in four years' time we may have a new range of thematic and theoretical perspectives! Post-doctoral researchers (group Dmitry Leontyev, Teppo Jakonen, Tuomo Hiippala, Kati Dlaske and Reetta Karjalainen) organize events for post docs, as well as some activity with the expert group durign their visit. Our visual image and website is being designed as we speak. So far, these events and announcements can, however, still be found on the old website athttps://www.jyu.fi/hum/laitokset/kielet/en/research/profile/Profiling-initiative     

A lot is going on  - let's come together!   

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