15 Dec 2016

Co-located schools as multilingual environments

Workshop on co-located schools 2 December 2016 A RECLAS workshop on co-located schools was organized by the Multilingual schoolscape – Multilingual learning environment project

In co-located schools, a multilingual environment is given, but the potential of such cases has only recently been recognized for language learning and practice. The c. 30 workshop participants consisted of an excellent combination of upper secondary school students, (head)teachers, researchers and school administration. During the one-day event at Lyhty, we discussed multilingual environments from the point of view of everyday language practices and educational language policies and shared visions of future learning environments. Satu Alatalo took care of the practical arrangements in a very professional manner (thank you Satu!).

Tamás will continue this work with the help of a Svenska Litteratursällskap grant in 2017 and there will be more info on his blog (findingownwords.blogspot.fi) soon. Stay tuned!

About the author

Petteri Laihonen

Academy Fellow, University of Finland