23 Nov 2017

Revisiting Jyväskylä

Alfonso Del Percio from University College London visited Jyväskylä in October 2017


 In October 2017, I was invited to the University of Jyväskylä as part of the University’s profiling project, Research Collegium for Language in Changing Society (RECLAS). I worked closely with Kati Dlaske and had the opportunity to collaborate with other language scholars including Professor Sari Pöyhönen, Professor Sirpa Leppänen, Professor Sigurd D’Hondt as well as Professor Sari Pietikäinen. Further, I exchanged with Minna Tiainen, Maiju Strommer as well as Sini Lemmetty, all scholars from the Discourse Hub who I have already met in past and whose valuable and rich work and perspectives makes me think and grow.

Part of my work with Kati involved the development of an international and multi-sited ethnographic research project on Enterprising Migrants: Ethnography of Governmentality of Displaced Selves in Europe. This project proposal was submitted to the British Academy, a prestigious British funding body, financing research in the social sciences. This research project consists in a study of the discourses, tactics and procedures through which authorities exert control over unemployed migrants. It particularly tries to understand how European governments and local authorities draw on entrepreneurship to manage the societal challenges posed by population movements and the current migration inflows towards Britain and the EU more generally. In this respect we are interested in researching the circumstances under which entrepreneurialisation, as a manifestation of contemporary governmentality, contributes to the securitization of societies and fosters socio-economic prosperity.

In addition to the formulation of this research project, Kati and I also conceptualized a panel proposal to be submitted for the Second International Conference on Sociolinguistics in Budapest (Hungary) on Language and Affective Capitalism. Affect and Affective Capitalism in particular is a concept that we would like to commonly explore in the coming months and years, this panel is a first step in this endeavor.

It was not the first time that I was visiting the University of Jyväskylä. Each time I am invited I leave with new ideas and projects. I am really looking forward to coming back, hopefully soon!
Thanks Kati for this wonderful experience.


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