The experience of being an exchange student in Finland





"Beautiful nature, peaceful environment and friendly people are fascinating Annika"



Moi, Hey, Hallo,

My name is Annika Lehmann and I come from Germany to do my studies in Department of Chemistry in group of Prof. Heikki M. Tuononen. In my master curriculum, there is a research internship embedded and I did choose to do it here in Jyväskylä.

My fascination for Finland never expired since I spend my summer in Finland eleven years ago. The beautiful nature, the peaceful environment, kind people and the omnipresence of water is kind of what I dream of perfect living conditions.

While I was searching for possible places to go (in Finland), I met a guy from my university in Berlin, who did also study chemistry and told me of Jyväskylä and the big science faculty.

I’m interested in metal organic chemistry and working with Schlenk technique and the main group research of Prof. Heikki M. Tuononen appealed to me the most, so I applied and was warmly welcomed in his group. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I had some trouble in my first days, starting with finding my way through the labyrinthic building of Ylistö Campus. I had heard of getting into another building without going outside but you can get stuck somewhere else very easy 😉. Though I’m not an official exchange student neither a graduated researcher and I don’t have the official right to study, I had some problems getting into a Finnish course and explaining my situation to other people while I had my voice lost due to a cold I got, while my luggage did not arrive with me, but well, that’s another story...

Despite all that, I had a great first week in the lab doing some interesting reactions and measurements and getting to know the kind of chemistry I will be dealing with.

For my time here till Christmas, I’m looking forward to learning new things at lab, seeing new places, meeting new people and to see as much Finnish rock and metal bands playing, as I could afford (without getting a financial crisis) 😊

Exchange student Annika Lehmann