Seminars and dissertations

The weekly research seminar series is hosted by the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. It addresses themes and questions of common interest to the organising divisions: Aquatic Sciences, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Science and Technology. The seminars are held September – May every Thursday at 14:00  sharp in the Ambiotica Auditorium (YAA303). All are welcome to attend and students may obtain credits for their participation.

Contact persons:

  • Aquatic Sciences: Silva Uusi-Heikkilä  (silva.k.uusi-heikkila@jyu.fi)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology: Lotta-Riina Sundberg (lotta-riina.sundberg@jyu.fi)
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Ossi Nokelainen (ossi.nokelainen@jyu.fi), Aigi Margus (aigi.margus@jyu.fi)
  • Environmental Science and Technology: Cyril Rigaud (cyril.c.rigaud@jyu.fi)

Seminars and dissertations of biology and environmental science:

date speaker title where when
23.8 Carmen Casado-Martinez (Centre Ecotox, SUI) Towards the harmonization of sediment quality assessment in Switzerland YAA303 14:00
20.9 Matti Jalasvuori (JyU) Genetic circus: bacteria in the real world YAA303 14:00
27.9 No seminar  Science day and Researchers' night on the following day    
28.9 Science day and researcher's night YAA303 12:15-
4.10 Jenna Purhonen - PhD-seminar Wood-inhabiting fungi, their detection, diversity and conservation in boreal forest YAA303 14:00
11.10 No seminar Molecular ecology and evolution Symposium 10-12.10.    
18.10 Marjo Saastamoinen (University of Helsinki) Environmental stress in natural populations – from genes to metapopulation dynamics YAA303 14:00
25.10 Siqingerile Siqingerile - PhD-seminar Complementary Approaches for Assessing Protein Sources in Fish Feed YAA303 14:00
1.11 Anna Kuparinen (JyU) Complex dynamics of aquatic food webs YAA303 14:00
8.11 No seminar Cancelled    
15.11 Michael Briga    (University of Turku) Epidemic dynamics of childhood infections in pre-health care Finland YAA303 14:00
20.11 Motiur Chowdhury -  PhD-seminar Relationship between the endangered freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera, its salmonid host and co-infectants YAA303 14:00
22.11 Liselotte Sundström (University of Helsinki) Ecological genetics in fragmented landscapes – lessons from an ant YAA303 14:00
29.11 No seminar Departmental seminar week    
6.12 No seminar Finland's Independence Day    
13.12 Mari Jönsson (SLU) Fungi, functional traits & forestry – How land use intensity changes fungal communities YAA303 14:00


Other seminars: