The research focus is biosciences and natural resources and environment

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences has two focus areas in research and teaching activities. The divisions are biosciences and natural resources and environment. The areas are based on the expertise of current research groups, modern research infrastructure and facilities, as well as future directions of research. The focus areas have strong intradepartmental collaboration and inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration with other departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science especially in the fields of nanoscience and bioresource research.

The main research strategy for evolutionary ecology and applied evolutionary biology is an experimental approach within an ecologically realistic setting using research model taxa from viruses to vertebrates. The aim of the research is to understand the basic phenomena of nature, especially interactions that affect living organisms and their population properties and adaptations to a changing environment. Natural resources and environment is wide-ranging research area studies the effect of human impact on the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources, and aims to provide tools for reducing harmful impacts of human activities on nature. This area integrates terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem research as well as conservation and management of natural resources in inland lakes and their catchment areas. Biological nanoscience is multidisciplinary research area, which aims at understanding the functions of microbes and proteins at the nanoscale, as well as finding practical applications in biotechnology and medicine.