Cell and molecular biology

In the research line of cell and molecular biology, functional mechanisms of cells, cell compartments and proteins are studied. In particular, under the loop of interests are the functional mechanisms of proteins and viruses, the structures of the viruses and their influence on the cellular functions. The research is largely interdisciplinary with a character of nanoscience. A large part of the research utilises various imaging techniques present in the institute. The advanced image analysis methods can, for example, illustrate the dynamics of molecules on cell surface.

Ecology and evolutionary biology

Research is broad-based, with approaches at different levels: from the DNA, through organisms and populations to ecosystems. In particular, strong research areas are sexual and aposematic signal evolution, biodiversity and conservation studies, genetics of adaptation and speciation, evolutionary ecology, and life-history evolution. Researchers working within the sections continue a strong tradition of empirical research, using state of the art techniques, to investigate and integrate disparate biological fields. Our work is facilitated by a pleasant working environment, with, for example, a well-equipped DNA laboratory, and the Konnevesi Research Station