Group members




Group leader

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Postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students

  • Dr. Venera Tyukmaeva

CRISPR/Cas9/D. montana & D.flavomontana



  • M.Sc. Noora Poikela

PhD student (2016-)

The role of ancestral and introgressed stress tolerance genes in adaptation to harsh environmental conditions

Supervisors: Maaria Kankare, Anneli Hoikkala & Venera Tyukmaeva



M.Sc. Students


  • B.Sc. Jesse Mänttäri

Pro gradu student (2017-)

Exploring the extent of pleiotropy of yellow gene in Drosophila montana and D. flavomontana

Supervisors: Venera Tyukmaeva & Maaria Kankare



  • B.Sc. Venla Kilpelä 

Pro gradu student (2017-)

The first steps of speciation: Isolation barriers between allopatric Drosophila borealispopulations

Supervisors: Noora Poikela, Anneli Hoikkala & Maaria Kankare



  • B.Sc. Päivikki Puolakka

Pro gradu student (2016-)

Trypanosomatid Parasitic Protozoan infections and their effects on cold tolerance on two malt fly species.

Supervisors: Maaria Kankare, David Hopkins & Venera Tyukmaeva