There is a large variety of accommodation possibilities available in Jyväskylä. Many hotels are located within 2-30 min walking distance from the conference venue. Besides usual hotels and B&B, we would like to encourage you to search for affordable options at Airbnb or Couchsurfing website which are particularly attractive for students on low budgets.

Hotel Alba, the closest hotel to the meeting venue, just a couple of minutes walk from Agora.

Forenom is a hostel located right in the town center, offers affordable rooms and apartments for 1-6 persons.

The Local Culture Hostel and Café offers a cultural Finnish experience and located in the main University Campus with a short walk to the conference venue.

Omena Hotel is located in the town center. You can book rooms for 2-4 people at an affordable price.

More options for the accommodation in Jyväskylä you can find at the Jyväskylä Regional Tourist Information website.