Key-note speakers

Invited speaker: Dr Siobhan O'Brien

Siobhan is an evolutionary ecologist, interested in understanding how microbial social interactions shape the world around us. She completed her PhD in 2015, under the supervision of Angus Buckling at the University of Exeter, studying the evolutionary ecology of microbial social interactions in complex environments. She then secured a two-year fellowship with the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders at the University of York, working closely with Mike Brockhurst and collaborators at the University of Liverpool.

In 2017, she moved to Zurich to begin a fellowship in Greg Velicer's lab, funded by the Adaptation to a Changing Environment initiative at the ETH Zurich. Her current research focuses on understanding the ecology and evolution of social motility in the microbe Myxococus xanthus - particularly how it is shaped by multispecies interactions in its natural habitat.

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"Local" invited speaker: TBA