Associate Professor Lotta-Riina Sundberg

Research interests in our research group

In our studies  we mainly use the fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare and its viruses, phages, as a model system.  We also work with other phage-bacterium systems originating from the aquatic environment to understand the diversity and evolutionary origins of bacterial viruses. Our core research themes are:

  • host-pathogen interactions
  • phage therapy
  • evolution of virulence
  • evolution of host range

Selected publications:

Laanto E, Hoikkala V, Ravantti J, Sundberg L-R (2017) Long-term genomic coevolution of host-parasite interaction in natural environment. Nature Communications, 8:111.

Leppänen M, Sundberg L-R, Laanto E, de Freitas Almeida G, Papponen P, Maasilta I (2017) Imaging Bacterial Colonies and Phage-bacterium Interaction at Sub-nanometer Resolution Using Helium Ion Microscopy. Advanced Biosciences, 1700070 .

Laanto E, Mäntynen S, de Calibus L, Marjakangas J, Gillum A, Stuart D, Ravantti J, Huiskonen J, Sundberg L-R (2017) Virus found in a boreal lake links ssDNA and dsDNA viruses. PNAS, 114: 8378–8383.

Sundberg L-R, Ketola T, Laanto E, Kinnula H, Penttinen R, Bamford J, Mappes J (2016) Intensive aquaculture selects for increased virulence and interference competition in bacteria. Proceedings of the Royal Society B  283: 20153069.