Research interests in our research group

One of the fundamental research goals in ecology is the determination of the distributions of organisms and the causes for this. Particularly challenging is to understand and predict the potential changes in distribution of pest species. Combining evolutionary framework with these fundamental ecological questions we might be able to understand why some species are invasive and able to expand their current range. Our main focus is to understand to which extend invasive species show evolvability and thus the potential to change.

Selected publications

Brevik, K., Lindström L., McKay, S. D and Chen, Y.H. 2018. Transgenerational effects of insecticides - implications for rapid pest evolution in agroecosystems. Current opinion in Insect Science 26:34-40.


Lehmann, P. Kaunisto, S. Kostal, V., Margus, A., Zahradníčková, H. and Lindström, L. 2015. Comparative eco-physiology of cold tolerance related traits: assessing range expansion potential for an invasive insect at high latitude. Physiol. Biochem. Zool. 88:254-265.


Piiroinen, S., Lyytinen A. and Lindström, L. 2013. Stress for success? Temperature stress of preceding generations modifies the response to insecticide stress in an invasive pest insect. Evol. Appl. 6:313-323.