Former group members

Post docs

Dr Heli Juottonen 2013-> 2014

Dr Sandra Varga 2010-> 2014

Dr Rocio Vega Frutis 2010-2013

Dr Hans Göransson 2006 


Supervised thesis

Anbu Poosakkannu (2017) Microbial community assemblage of an inland sand dune colonizing plant. Second supervisor Dr Riitta Nissinen. Jyväskylä University.

Outi Manninen (2016) The resilience of understorey vegetation and soil to increasing nitrogen and disturbances in boreal forests and the subarctic ecosystem. Principal supervisor Dr Anne Tolvanen. Oulu University.

Gaia Francini (2013)  Plant-soil interactions in cold climate. Jyväskylä University.

Sandra Varga (2010) Significance of plant gender and mycorrhizal symbiosis in plant life history traits. Oulu University.

Louise Sörensen (2009) Grazing, disturbance and plant soil interactions in northern grasslands. Second supervisor Dr Juha Mikola. Oulu University.

Anne Pietikäinen (2009) Arbuscular mycorrhiza, resource availability and belowground interactions between plants and soil microbes. Jyväskylä University.


Jenna Papunen (2017) The effect of invasive plant species on the success of native plant species via soil. Jyväskylä University.

Jasmin Nevala (2016) The role of mycorrhiza on Antennaria dioica's self recognition. Jyväskylä University.

Jemina Nevala (2016)  The effect of mycorrhiza on self-recognition and drought tolerance of Glechoma hederacea. Jyväskylä University.

Joonas Ikävalko (2016) Succession and species richness in abandoned gravel and sand pits. Jyväskylä University.

Kristiina Kähkölä (2016) The influence of breeding system on pathogen resistance of Geranium sylvaticum. Jyväskylä University.

Liisa Karhu (2014) Grassland plants on the road verges, grassland connectivity and
traditional agriculture settlement. Jyväskylä University.  

Asta Vaso (2014) Vascular plant species diversity of southern boreal regionsof Finland in the landscape level. Principal supervisor: Dr Anssi Lensu, co-supervisor: Dr Aleksi Räsänen. Jyväskylä University.

Vilhelmiina Alaoja (2013) The role of symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
(Glomeromycota) in roots of the host the plant Deschampsia  flexuosa in vegetation succession of inland sand dunes in  Finnish Lapland. Jyväskylä University.

Joel Rahkonen (2012) Effects of reindeer exclusion on the vegetation and seed bank
 on an arctic meadow. Jyväskylä University. 

Kukka Pohjanmies (2012) Preservation of Cultural Vegetation of the 1920’s to the 21st
Century in an agricultural village in Tavastia, Finland.  Second supervisor Dr Merja Uotila. Jyväskylä University.

Chiara Finozzi (2012) Ecology and viability of arctic arbuscular mycorrhizal spores after long term storage in cold conditions. Second supervisor Dr Sandra Varga. University of Padova.

Kaisa Mustola (2012) The effect of grazing history on fungal diversity inbroadleaved wood pastures. Principal supervisor: Dr Panu Halme, co-supervisor Dr Kaisa Raatikainen. Jyväskylä University.

Jukka Mattlar (2011) The usage, cultivation history and life history traits of Finnish wild food plants. Jyväskylä University.

Stafva Lindström (2011) Variation in the arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization in ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata) populations, and its effects on powdery mildew fungus (Podosphaera plantaginis) colonizing the same host plant. Principal supervisor Dr Anna-Liisa Laine. Helsinki University.

 Jenni Tikka (2010)  European goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) as a nurse plant
and its effect to neighbour plant arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and vascular plant species number in two arctic meadows. Jyväskylä University.

M.Sc. Tuuli Lukkala (2010)  Reindeer grazing mediates bryophyte diversity in oroarctic fields. Second supervisor Dr Sari Stark. Jyväskylä University.

Maria Väisänen (2008) The effect of grazing on microbial carbon and nutrient limitation in arctic tundra soil.  Second dupervisor Dr Sari Stark. Oulu University 

Emilia Pippola (2006) The effect of different carbon ond nitroogen sources and host species on Tremella encephala growth and dimorphism. Oulu University.

Antje Neumann (2005) The effect of lichen substances on soil micro-organisms. Second supervisor Dr Sari Stark. Oulu University.

Ulla Vuoti (2004) The effect of simulated herbivory on subarctic meadow vegetation and mycorrhiza. Oulu University.

Ester Toivonen (2003) The role of light availability and sex on sexual reproduction in the gynodioecious herb Geranium sylvaticum.  Second supervisor Dr Pirkko Siikamäki. Oulu University. 

Jarkko Korhonen (2001) The role of environment on resource allocation and mycorrhizal symbiosis in Geranium sylvaticum.  Second supervisor Dr Pirkko Siikamäki. Oulu University.