Research interests in our research group

Our group shares a broad interest in molecular ecology, population genetics, phylogeography and phylogenetics, developmental biology and the evolution of development. Our research subjects are most often annelid worms or other invertebrates. We use a variety of genetic and genomic tools to understand adaptation of populations to different environments and mechanisms underlying phenotypic divergence.


Selected publications

Thonig, A., G.T. Banta, B.W. Hansen and K.E. Knott. 2017. Seasonal genetic variation associated with population dynamics of a poecilogonous polychaete worm. Ecology and Evolution. 7(23):10005–10017. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.3518.

Heikkinen, L.K., J.E. Kesäniemi and K.E. Knott. 2017. De novo transcriptome assembly and developmental mode specific gene expression of Pygospio elegans. Evolution and Development 19: 205–217.

Kesäniemi, J.E., L. Heikkinen and K.E. Knott.  DNA methylation and potential for epigenetic regulation in Pygospio elegans. PLoS ONE 11(3):e0151863. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151863.