The Annual Meeting of the CoE 31.8. - 1.9.2013

Time & place: The Annual Meeting of the CoE  was held 31.8.–1.9.2013 at Kuntokallio conference center in Helsinki.

Programme: The programme includes oral presentations, posters, and workshops. In addition, there will be time for more informal programme: sauna, swimming in the sea or in the indoor swimming pool.

Oral presentations: Time for the oral presentation is 30 min, including time for discussion. It is useful to give a short general overview of your project (to also serve as an introduction of your work to the CoE) followed by a description of the specific problem.

Poster presentations: Poster presenters are asked to bring both printed and electronic poster with them. There are no requirements for dimensions of the printed poster. There will be no poster boards but posters will be mounted to the wall. Posters may be set up during the first meeting day and they can remain up the entire meeting. Tape etc. will be available for mounting the posters. Remember to remove your poster before you leave the venue. The poster session is scheduled from 09.30 am to 10.15 am on Sunday and will be held at the same room as oral presentations, at the sport hall. During the poster session, posters or a couple slides presenting the most important findings are projected on the wall and presenters have 2 minutes to present the poster after which the viewers have time to ask questions and give comments (total length 5 min). Remember to keep the first part of your presentation general even if the topic of the poster is specific – the CoE spans a wide range of scientific backgrounds! The session is led by the chair.

Workshops: The postdocs in the CoE run workshops (3-3,5 hrs). PhDs, postdocs, and any other interested parties are invited to select and rank the two workshops they would most like to attend. We need attendants to give an alternative choice in case some of the workshops are being extremely popular and filling up over the maximum (6-10 participants). Those that register have an opportunity to leave a comment/keyword for the workshop organisers, which can be used to narrow down the scope of the workshop. It will be up to each host how she/he wants to structure the workshops. Small meeting rooms for 6-10 persons will be available.

Fees: The CoE will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for its members.

Registration: The deadline for registration was July 26th. If you wanted to attend the meeting but you have not registered by the deadline, please contact Anne.

Cancellation: In the case you need to cancel or change your registration, please contact the coordinator. The deadline of the cancellations is July 26th when we have to give the final list of participants to Kuntokallio.

Transportation: There will be a charter bus from Jyväskylä to Kuntokallio on Saturday morning and from Kuntokallio to Jyväskylä after the meeting has ended on Sunday.