Facilities of the CoE

View from the Jyväskylä greenhouseThe Centre of Excellence uses several state-of-the art facilities for experimentation and laboratory analyses. We have have fully equipped DNA labs in Jyväskylä and Helsinki, an immunological laboratory for conducting assays of hormones antibodies as well as many other physiological assays, a virus lab for purification and structural analysis of viruses, greenhouses and incubators for work with plants and insects, and an animal unit with climate-controlled rooms.

The Konnevesi Research station has an aquatic research unit for large-scale simulation of intensive farming conditions as well as facilities for housing birds and mammals and for conducting behavioural experiments. The Tvärminne Zoological Station provides a base for field work and facilities for e.g. ant rearing and experimental work with insects.


Photo: View from the (dirty) window of the Jyväskylä greenhouse 31 Jan 2012