Master’s Thesis Grant

Students working with their Master’s theses involved with research done in the Centre of Excellence in Biological Interactions can apply for a grant amounting to max 2 200 euros which may be used for expenses directly related to a student’s thesis research. There is no fixed application period but grants can be applied continuously. An applicant should complete an application form available at the webpages of the CoE. An application form should include an informal application with a summary of research plan (1 page) and itemized budget. Please note that the grant may affect amount of study grant (opintotuki, see in Finnish). Note also that a grant cannot be awarded for a person who is at the same time in an employment relationship with the University of Jyväskylä (i.e. the grant period and the employment period cannot overlap; more information in Finnish, in English).

Note for supervisors: The CoE does not have a special budget for grants but the grant will be paid from PI's share of the CoE funding.