Annual registration

The registration in Korppi portal

Students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science shall register for attendance or non-attendance by 15 September. The registration from the 2nd study year onwards is done only through Korppi portal.

Note: When the doctoral students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science register for attendance or non-attendance in Korppi portal, they are asked to make a report on their activities in the previous academic year and present plan for the coming year by mid-September. As all doctoral students of the Doctoral Programme in Biological and Environmental Science submit their progress report annually to the Doctoral Programme, they do not have to make a complete progress report in Korppi. Instead of that they write down in a first field in a questionnaire in Korppi the date when they have submitted the progress report  to the doctoral programme and the reporting period in question.

Deactivation of doctoral students’ study rights

According to the degree regulations of the University of Jyväskylä, the study right of a doctoral student will be deactiviated if

  • a doctoral student has not register in the Korppi system during two successive academic years
  • study progress has not been documented during two successive academic years

A doctoral student whose study right has been deactivated cannot enrol as a doctoral student and continue his/her studies until he/she has submitted an acceptable plan for the progress of postgraduate studies to the supervisor. After the supervisor has accepted the study plan, the student’s study right will be re-activated.

The supervision document

The document needs to be signed by the student and his/her supervisors and must include a collaboratively created plan for the supervision and completion schedule of the doctoral dissertation or licentiate thesis. To supplement the supervision document, the Graduate School for Doctoral Studies has compiled an appendix that describes the duties of doctoral students, supervisors and follow-up groups (in Finnish, in English).

The supervision documents aims to bring clarity to responsibilities related to the supervision of postgraduate students and promote the completion of postgraduate studies. Together with the student’s research plan, postgraduate study plan and funding plan, the supervision document and its appendix (in Finnish, in English) form the supervision documentation of the dissertation or licentiate thesis. The documentation is updated and the supervisory practices revised during the postgraduate studies when necessary.

The registering of supervision documents concern all doctoral students and students pursuing studies towards licentiate’s degree, including students who have started their postgraduate studies earlier. In practice, the supervision document will be registered in Korppi in connection of the postgraduate student’s annual registration. As a rule, postgraduate students will be directed to answer a Korppi survey that includes the supervision document when registering for attendance or non-attendance for the academic year. New postgraduate students register their supervisory documents collaboratively with their supervisors at the beginning of the student-supervisor relationship.

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