Study plan

The purpose of the study plan is to help the doctoral student to concretely perceive and structure the postgraduate studies. The doctoral student writes the study plan in consultation with her/his supervisor(s).

A study plan is free of form, but is must contain a list and schedule of studies (the name of the course, the number of ECTS earned, month & year). The study plan should be detailed because it forms, along with the research plan, a basis for the assessment of the progress of your studies and, above all, it helps you to manage the studies. For example, mention the title of the book(s) which you are going to read for BENJ1003 Graduate Exams and the scientific conferences you will attend. Schedule the studies so that it allows the completion of the degree in 4 years (min 30 ECTS). You are strongly advice not to schedule any studies in the 4th year of your doctoral studies as in the last year you should focus on writing your thesis and publications.

See an example of a typical timeline for PhD project. Please do not copy-paste the example to your application. For the application, you should personalize the plan to meet your own goals.