Below the list of the most recent dissertations completed at the Doctoral Programme in Biological and Environmental Science. You can search for older dissertations at Library's web sites (JYKDOK: in Finnish, in English; Jyväskylä University Digital Archive: in Finnish, in English).

Dissertations 2017

339 Rönkä Katja: Evolution of signal diversity : predator-prey interactions and the maintenance of warning colour polymorphism in the wood tiger moth Arctia plantaginis

338 Suuronen Anna: Ecological and social impacts of photovoltaic solar power plants and optimization of their locations in northern Chile

337 Gu Yufei: Sunlit surface waters : exploring the photochemical reactivity of dissolved organic carbon

336 Cayol Claire: Eco-epidemiology of tick- and rodent-borne pathogens in boreal forests

334 Stark Marie: Recombinant nanocapsid for targeted theranostic delivery

333 Schroderus Eero: Evolutionary trade-offs in a small mammal: a quantitative genetics approach

332 Ahonen Hanna: Spore-forming parasites infecting muscles of freshwater fishes : ecology and epidemiolog

331 Rajala Juho: Behaviour of sediment-associated silver nanoparticles and their toxicity to Lumbriculus variegatus

330 Puttaraksa Kanoktip: Pathogenic mechanisms of how human parvovirus breaks self-tolerance

329 Vesterinen Jussi: Littoral energy pathways in highly humic boreal lakes

328 Ashrafi Roghaieh: Exploring potential evolutionary responses to increasing temperature in an environmental opportunistic pathogen

327 Lönn Eija: Selection on two behavioral genes: fitness effects of receptor genes for arginine vasopressin 1a and oxytocin in the bank vole Myodes glareolus

326 Avila Piret: New insights on the role of ecology and life-history in social evolution


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