Dissertations 2016

The dissertations completed at the Doctoral Programme in Biological and Environmental Science in 2016

Kumar Manoj Gopala Krishnan: Biogeographical diversity of plant associated microbes in arcto-alpine plants.

325 Martikainen Mari: Development of novel probes for enterovirus B group to study uncoating and infection

324 Poosakkannu Anbu: Endosphere microbial community assemblage of an inland sand dune colonizing plant

323 Mustonen Marina: Genetic diversity of a clonal earthworm: gene expression variation and impacts on decomposition in metal contaminated soil

322 Sari Mattila: Small things matter : of phages and antibiotic resistance conferring plasmids

321 Hanna Kinnula: The influence of infective dose, nutrient availability and coinfection on virulence of Flavobacterium columnare: implications of intensive aquaculture on opportunistic infections

320 Petri Rautiala: Developments in the evolutionary theory of social interactions

319 Jonna Kuha: Automated water quality monitoring of humic lakes by using the optical properties of water

318 Anna Oldén:  Plant biodiversity in boreal wood-pastures : impacts of grazing and abandonment

317 Ville Ojala: Counteracting the horizontal spread of bacterial antibiotic resistance with conjugative plasmid-dependent bacteriophage

316 Reetta PenttinenGenetic and environmental factors associated with the virulence of fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare

315 Elina MäntyläImport and impact : characterization of parvovirus-nucleus interactions

314 Jouni Salonen: The role of salmonid fishes in conservation of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera)

313 Katja Juutilainen: Ecology, environmental requirements and conservation of corticioid fungi occupying small diameter dead wood

312 Sari Mäntynen: Something old, something new - Exploring membrane­-containing bacteriophages

311 Kati Saarinen: The evolution of temperature tolerance and invasiveness in a fluctuating thermal environment