Life after PhD

Are you about to graduate and wondering what to do next? On these webpages you can find information on the range of option which you have and tips for job seeking. You find also information on employment of doctoral graduates in Finland.

Information related to the employment opportunities & applying for a post

  • Information in the web pages of the Doctoral School (in Finnish, in English)
  • Information and tips on how to find job and statistical information about jobs, professions, etc. (suomeksi, in English)
  • A guidebook to job-seekers. Here you can find tips for e.g. how to write an application and prepare for a job interview. (suomeksi, in English)
  • Template for researchers curriculum vitae (suomeksi, in English)
  • Doctoral degree career monitoring (suomeksi, in English)
  • Information on work life for staff and students of the university (suomeksi)
  • Tips on how to demonstrate your skills and competencies (in English)

Surveys on needed skills

Surveys and articles on employment & career

Working life skills / Työelämäopinnot

The Career Services unit offers courses on working life skills. More information in Finnish, in English. See also Facebook pages.

At the webpages of the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies, you can find courses offered at the University of Jyväskylä  (in Finnish, in English).

    Funding for research

    Job links