New practicies in BENJ1001 (BIOJ101) Post Graduate Seminar

The Doctoral Programme in Biological and Environmental Science has decided to take into use the new practices and guidelines for BIOJ101 Post Graduate Seminar, starting 1.9.2016. The aim of the renewal is to clarify and redefine the aims of the seminar. The main aim of the seminar is to serve as a training space for presentation of own research at scientific conferences and preparation for the upcoming public defence.

The main changes are:


The seminar (unless otherwise stated) takes place on Thursdays at 14.00.

Deadline for the presentation

Doctoral students should give a talk on their own PhD project no later than within 2 weeks after the dissertation has been sent to preliminary examiners. A doctoral student reserves seminar date in Korppi. No later than one week before the presentation date, a doctoral student should submit the title and the abstract to a seminar organiser.

The length & content of the talk

The length of the talk is 30–40 minutes with 15 min for discussion. The talk should include a broad theoretical background, description of the methods, a summary of results and conclusions. The talk should not consist of separate presentations of the articles in the dissertation but instead the experiments should be synthesized, forming a coherent entity. Due to the limited time allocated for the talk, it is not necessary to include all results in the presentation.

It is highly recommended that the doctoral student rehearses her/his talk under a guidance of her/his supervisor(s) prior to the seminar date.


The oral presentation will be evaluated by a professor or a person appointed by her/him.