Student counselling in doctoral studies

Contact persons at the department:

  • Pedagogical Director Emily Knott (emily.knott (at) jyu.fi, Tel.: 040 805 3891): Preliminary examiners, nomination of the opponent and custos, the permission for a public examination of the dissertation, thesis publishing
  • The Departmental Coordinator Paula Sarkkinen (paula.sarkkinen (at) jyu.fi, Tel.: 050-516 4401):  Preparation of employment contracts
  • Departmental Secretary Anna-Liisa Kotiranta (anna.l.kotiranta (at) jyu.fi, Tel.: 040-805 3896): The external researcher contracts
  • The Departmental Coordinator Tiina Hakanen: Reception of the application for degree certificate

Contact persons at the faculty:

  • The Departmental Coordinator Sari Eronen (doctoral-studies-science (at) jyu.fi, Tel.: 040-805 3457): Preparation of preliminary examination of doctoral dissertation and the permission for a public examination of the dissertation
  • Head of Academic Affairs Marja Korhonen, Tel.: 040-770 7777, e-mail: marja.e.korhonen (at) jyu.fi