Curriculum 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017

Required studies are:

  • BIOJ101 Post Graduate Seminar, 2 ECTS. Students will need to give a talk and listen to 10 other talks by fellow doctoral students. Doctoral students should give a talk on their own PhD project no later than within 2 weeks after the dissertation has been sent to preliminary examiners. More information here.
  • BIOJ102 Scientific Conferences, 4-10 ECTS. At least one poster or oral presentation at an international scientific congress (2-4 ECTS/conference; maximum 10 ECTS).
  • BIOJ103 Graduate Exams, 4-8 ECTS. A written examination based on a textbook covering the student’s major subject, literature review on the thesis topic, or some other completion mode approved by the professor of the major study subject. That is the student should agree with the professor about the book. It is strongly recommended that a doctoral student will take the exam during her/his first year.
  • BIOJ105 University teaching, 2-10 ECTS. In teaching, time used for teaching preparation and thesis guidance is also counted in the workload.
  • BIOJ106 Philosophy and Ethics of Science, 2 ECTS. Aimed at post-graduate students to increase their awareness of the philosophy and ethics behind their own biological research. Based on discussions on a reading material given at the beginning of the course. Attendance necessary for the credits.
  • BIOJ910 Research Seminar, 1-2 ECTS. These credits are earned, for example from the departmental research seminar series (BIOS911). Required participation in the seminar 15 times earns 1 ECTS.
  • Transferable skills studies (yleisten valmiustaitojen opinnot), minimum 4 ECTS. Courses that are designed to support dissertation work, doctoral studies and postdoctoral employment. See general information on transferable skills (in Finnish, in English). Examples of courses:
    • Courses organised by the doctoral programme
    • Information on courses in transferable skills coordinated by the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies (in Finnish, in English).
    • Language Centre's Academic Writing Modules, which include courses on e.g. conference presentation, posters and writing an article. All doctoral students regardless of their funding source can register for ”the Academic Writing Modules” and “Tieteellinen kirjoittaminen suomeksi” workshops (no permission from the head of the department is needed). More information in Finnish, in English.
    • Methodology Centre for Human Sciences (IHME) offers training and events on research methodology across faculty boundaries. Courses in Finnish, in English.
    • Courses organised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics