Interruption of studies


If a doctoral student is considering not continuing her/his PhD project or her/his supervisor(s) considers that the doctoral student is unable to complete PhD project, it is strongly advised that

  • the matter is discussed with the follow-up group before making the decision to interrupt studies. The doctoral student or supervisor convenes the follow-up group meeting. After the meeting, the doctoral student/follow-up group makes a short free-form report to the doctoral programme where the overview of the situation and the reasons behind the decision are described. The report is submitted to and discussed in the board meeting of the doctoral programme.
  • Also a board member can start the procedure.

If the doctoral student cannot continue the research work, the supervisor may find someone else to complete the goals. Interruptions in the dissertation research should not prohibit the supervisor from continuing the interrupted research, but goals for continuing the work should be agreed upon with the doctoral student, especially if the student plans to continue the work later. Dissertation projects can end because funding for the project ends. The legal rights in these cases are that the research results belong to all of the participants. Both student and supervisor are naturally expected to uphold these scientific principles.

Deactivation of doctoral students’ study rights

A doctoral study right can be deactivated by the dean’s decision upon the doctoral student’s or supervisor's request in writing. More information here.

Waiving the right to study for a degree

A doctoral student can waive her/his right to study by filling in the form (in Finnish, in English). Please note that the waiving is binding. (16 §, in Finnish, in English).