Sudy-related issues

Registering for attendance or non-attendance for your first year

When you have been accepted to the Doctoral Programme, you will receive the enrolment form along with the acceptance letter. Complete the form and return it to the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. Only if you have registered, you can take courses at the University. In the following years, you register every year online in the Korppi system. Further information on registration in Finnish, in English.

Supervision document

In addition to returning the enrolment form, you need to fill in so-called supervision document in the Korppi portal collaboratively with your supervisor(s). The supervision document and its appendix 1  and appendix 2 together with the student’s research plan, postgraduate study plan and funding plan, form the supervision documentation.

Follow-up group

A follow-up group (in Finnish: seurantaryhmä) is formed for all doctoral students. Within 2 months of you being granted the right to postgraduate study, give the doctoral programme the names, degree and affiliation of your thesis follow-up group members via the online form.

First follow-up group meeting

Hold the first meeting of the follow-up group within 3 months of you have been granted the right of postgraduate study. Remember to inform the doctoral programme that the meeting has taken place.

Peer support

Familiarize yourself with peer support activities organised by fellow-students. An ideal place to meet your new colleagues.

Enrolling for courses at JyU

If you want to enroll for a course, you need to have JyU user name and password as well as registered for attendance. Registration for courses at the University of Jyväskylä is done online using the Korppi portal. Check available courses in the Korppi portal.

The Student Union (Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta)

The membership of the Student Union is voluntary for doctoral students (in Finnish, in English). However, if you want to rent a flat at the Kortepohja Student Village, you need to pay the membership fee. More information on services the members are entitled to (in Finnish, in English).

A student card (jatko-opiskelijan opiskelijakortti)

You may apply for a student card after the registration and the payment of the Student Union membership fee have been completed. More information in Finnish, in English.

Transcripts of records (opintosuoritusote)

If you need the information of all the courses completed and the credits and grades received, please contact the customer service desk of the Admission and Student Services for an official transcripts of record. You can also check our credits in the Korppistudy data system.

The certificate of registration (opiskelutodistus)

If you need the signed certificate (free of charge), you can order it by filling in the form here.

University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies

Here you can find

Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylän yliopiston tutkintosääntö)

Advices for doctoral students

Information for international students

To help you to settle into the new environment, we have collected information about the University, the City of Jyväskylä, and Finland. See the info here.