Teaching by a doctoral student

Teaching as a part of PhD studies in the Department of Biological and Environmental Science


In order to increase the competence of our students in the labour market, we have included teaching and/or supervision of the undergraduate theses into the studies. All teaching activities will increase employment opportunities, and so all teaching experience or pedagogical studies should be collected in a portfolio and written in your CV. For example, courses, lectures, supervision of scholarly theses, HOPS-counseling, participation in the development of teaching, feedback from teaching. The doctoral students benefit from teaching because it requires them to think about research and teaching on a new level, and through teaching they also get experience wiht oral presentation and using different teaching methods.

Guidelines for the teaching given by doctoral students

  • Teaching is a part of every doctoral student's studies (XXXJ105 Yliopisto-opetus) and students get credits (op) for their teaching (2-10 ECTS, 27 h/ECTS).
  • Teaching is connected to the area of the students studies or expertiece and thus the teaching is based on research and supports the research of the student.
  • Doctoral students are teaching mainly the practical works and demos, field and laboratory courses.
  • Lectures are also possible with a good reason, eg. the excellent expertise on the field.
  • Supervision of scholarly theses (Bachelor and Master thesis) is considered as teaching. The area of these works should be connected to the doctoral students research.
  • The Department will follow up the teaching of doctoral students in each division.
  • Work load for the lectures: 4 hours per every contact lesson for the first time course, next time and later 2 hours per every contact lesson.
  • Work load for practical works and demos: 2 hours per every contact hour for first time course, 1,5 hours per every contact hour next time and later.
  • If the doctoral student gets payed, the credits are not given
  • Supervising a Bachelor of Science Thesis: 1 ECTS
  • Supervising a Master of Science Thesis: 1 ECTS

Guidance and feedback of the teaching

As a basic rule the doctoral student's teaching is considered as a guided teaching practice, in which he/she gets feedback. The teacher resposible of the course is responsible also for the teaching given by the doctoral student, supervises the teaching and gives feedback. Both teachers plan the course together. Afterwards the teachers will discuss about the fruition of the teaching and go through the students feedback. Division head or a nominated coordinator will follow up the student feedback.

Doctoral students document their teaching experiences into a portfolio and the documents should be signed by the teacher responsible of the course and/or by the professor. Based on the documented portfolio the teaching of the doctoral student will be accepted for credits by the rules given above. The following facts should be stated in the document:

  • The name and the code for the course
  • The learning outcomes for the course and the used teaching methods
  • The role of the doctoral student and the teaching hours in the course
  • Achievement of the goals
  • The feedback of the doctoral student's teaching (eg. the strengths and the improvement areas)
  • The signature of the responsible teacher
  • Send the document to the Departmental office for the credits.