Instructions for those receiving the travelling allowance

If for any reason the travelling allowance is not claimed, please notify the Doctoral Programme of not retrieving the travel allowance (doct-bioenv (at) jyu.fi). Please note also that the travel allowance is designated for the purpose specified in your application and therefore, it cannot be used in other purposes.

Only those costs are covered by the travelling allowance which are specified in the application and accepted by the doctoral programme. As a rule, the travelling allowance covers mainly travel costs, accommodation costs and conference registration fee.

If you have been granted a conditional travelling allowance upon acceptance of the presentation, you should send documentation showing presentation acceptance (e.g., an e-mail received from the conference organizers) to the coordinator (doct-bioenv (at) jyu.fi) before the travelling allowance can be paid.

Payment of travelling allowances

Travelling allowances are paid in the form of recompense or scholarship depending on whether or not the doctoral student holds an employment contract with the University of Jyväskylä. In all cases, travelling expenses will be covered up to the maximum amount of the travelling allowance decision.

1) Doctoral students who hold an employment contract with the University, fill in a SAP travel claim after a trip, at the latest within two months of completing the journey, unless otherwise stated. See The University’s travel guidelines.

2) Doctorate students who do not hold an employment contract with the University (working on a grant paid in her/his personal bank account directly from the foundation or employees of another organisation) fill in the travel expenses claim addressed to the Department of Biological and Environmental Science/doctoral programme (in Finnish, in English). Return the filled form as well as original receipts and tickets glued or taped on a separate sheet within 2 months time from finishing the journey, unless otherwise stated.

3) Doctorate students working on personal grant at the University of Jyväskylä that is paid by the University will receive their travelling allowance as a scholarship paid in their personal bank account.

The University’s travel guidelines

See The University’s travel guidelines (in Finnish, in English).

More information

Assistance for travel bookings: Travel secretary Jaana Roisko

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