Research and collaboration

Detailed research theme descriptions are available at the group´s personnel page.

The group collaborates widely with other scientists and also the environmental managers and government officials. Recent academic collaboration includes Cristiano Lopes-Andrade and Lucimar Araujo (University of Vicosa, Brasil); prof. Jörg Müller (University of Würzburg and Bavarian National Park, Germany); Mats Jonsell (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences); Merja Elo (University of Jyväskylä); Nerea Abrego, Otso Ovaskainen, Tuomas Aakala and Leena Myllys (University of Helsinki); Veera Norros, Heikki Kotiranta and Riikka Paloniemi (Finnish Environmental Institute); Jari Kouki (University of Eastern Finland); Jacob Heilmann-Clausen (University of Copenhagen).