Research interests in our research group

Boreal Ecosystems Research Group (BERG) is a multidisciplinary research team with broad research interests. We aim to understand how to reconcile biodiversity conservation with increasing demands of natural resources in boreal landscapes under intensive management. We try to identify the ecological, economic and functional values of the landscape, which should be taken into account in planning and decision-making.

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Research highlights

Peura M., Burgas D., Eyvindson K., Repo A. & Mönkkönen M. 2018. Continuous cover forestry is a cost-efficient tool to increase multifunctionality of boreal production forests in Fennoscandia. Biological Conservation 217: 104-112.

Pohjanmies T., Eyvindson K., Triviño M. & Mönkkönen M. 2017. More is more? Forest management allocation at different spatial scales to mitigate conflicts between ecosystem services. Landscape Ecology 32: 2337-2349.

Triviño M., Pohjanmies T., Mazziotta A., Juutinen A., Podkopaev D., Le Tortorec E. & Mönkkönen M. 2017. Optimizing management to enhance multifunctionality in a boreal forest landscape. Journal of Applied Ecology 54: 61-70.