Group members

Mikko2.jpgMikko Mönkkönen (Professor) 
My main research interests include community ecology, conservation and management of boreal biodiversity forest for maintaining biodiversity and providing ecosystem services. Major focus is also on cost-efficiency of conservation practices (i.e. ecological economics). Because of my background in bird community and behavioural ecology my second focus is on species interactions and among-species information use. These studies also have applied aspects in conservation and management of animal populations and communities at multiple spatial scales.

Eyvindson Kyle_Small.jpgKyle Eyvindson (Senior researcher)
My focus of research is in the applied field of forest management and can be scaled up to the perspective of forest landscapes. I am interested in developing management plans which directly relate to the stakeholder(s) preferences, and I am also interested in how we can incorporate risk management tools into the planning process. With this group of researchers, my aim is to link the models of ecosystem services and other criteria of interest to the development of long term management plans.

Maria2_small.jpgMaría Triviño (Postdoctoral researcher)
My main research interests include a wide range of topics related to conservation biology, biogeography and forest planning. I am particularly interested on how to solve human-nature conflicts. During my PhD thesis I investigated the impacts of climate and land-use change on the distribution of birds in the Iberian Peninsula. Since then I have been studying how forest management in boreal production forests affect the provision of ecosystems services such as climate regulation (through carbon storage) or collectable goods (mushrooms and wild berries) as well the conservation of biodiversity.

Anna_Repo_2.jpgAnna Repo (Postdoctoral researcher)
My main research interests include the multifunctionality of forests, climate and policies, and forest carbon dynamics together with ecological and carbon offset mechanisms. My research links policy-making and environmental modeling by providing quantitative estimates of the impacts of alternative decisions. In my doctoral dissertation I investigated land-use related emission of forest bioenergy and cost-efficient means to reduce these emissions with changes in forest management. Currently, I am developing new, sustainable forest management practices that can pave the way for energy transition, climate change mitigation and adaptation, without compromising ecosystem services or the implementation of biodiversity targets.

Merja.jpgMerja Elo (Postdoctoral researcher)
My research interests cover a range of topics from macroecology to conservation biology. During my PhD studies I investigated the very basic patterns and processes in ecology: the effects of area, energy and habitat heterogeneity of species richness. Currently, I have twofold focus in my research. Firstly, I’m interested in whether biotic interactions play a role in determining species occupancies and abundancies at large spatial scales. Secondly, I’m studying the effects of restoration on community assembly within boreal landscape.

remi.jpgRémi Duflot (Postdoctoral researcher)
My research interests are in the broad field of landscape ecology. I study the relationship between landscape structure and biodiversity, looking at the effects of heterogeneity and connectivity on gamma and alpha diversity, and on species and functional/trait composition. I also work on applied research related to decision-making in landscape planning using spatial modelling: I used spatial graphs for my work on ecological network(s), and remote-sensing imagery to investigate ecosystem services provisioning. I mostly studied agricultural landscape so far, focusing on carabid beetle, plant, and bird communities. My research in Mikko’s group is focused on management diversity; whether it increases landscape heterogeneity and thus supports overall biodiversity in boreal forest.

Matti_small.jpgMatti Häkkilä (Postdoctoral researcher)
My research covers conservation ecology of communities at local and macroecological scales. I am mainly interested in the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on bird communities in boreal forests both in Finland and North America. Also the ability of current protected areas network to maintain biodiversity is one of my subjects. My supervisors are Prof. Mikko Mönkkönen from University of Jyväskylä, Prof. Gerald J. Niemi from University of Minnesota Duluth and Eric Le Tortorec from University of Jyväskylä.

Pohjanmies2.jpgTähti Pohjanmies (Postdoctoral researcher)
In my research I aim to identify forest management strategies that promote both biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services. I explore how forest management operations may impact the capacity of the landscape to provide ecosystem services, potentially creating synergies or trade-offs among different services, forestry, and biodiversity conservation. In general, I am interested in combining quantitative and theoretical analyses to study the dynamics of socio-ecological systems and the ‘wicked problems’ that hinder the efforts to improve the sustainability of natural resource management.

maiju2.jpgMaiju Peura (PhD student)
In my PhD project, I study possibilities of continuous cover forestry to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services in boreal forest landscapes. I will explore how continuous cover forestry affects different indices of biodiversity and ecosystem services compared to current recommended forest management. In addition, a cost-efficient approach is used and I study how timber revenues could be maximized with minimal costs for biodiversity by applying continuous cover forestry. My supervisors are Prof. Mikko Mönkkönen, Prof. Janne Kotiaho, Kyle Eyvindson and Daniel Burgas.

IMG_20181117_092125.jpgMaria Potterf (Postdoctoral researcher)
I am interested in spatiotemporal dynamics of forest disturbances and its interactions with human society. During my PhD studies I’ve applied optical remote sensing to map spatial patterns of tree mortality, assessed the efficiency of opposing forest management strategies to mitigate beetle outbreak, and investigated the effect of windthrown gap size to trigger tree-killing beetle outbreak using agent-based modelling. Currently, my research aims to identify the optimal forest management strategies to assure continuous ecological and economic services of forest ecosystems.

picture_CBlattert.jpgClemens Blattert (Postdoctoral researcher)
My research interests lie in multipurpose forest management planning and strategical decision support. In my doctoral thesis, I studied the long-term effects of forest management on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Swiss forests and their related synergies and trade-offs. Currently, I am 1) investigating (in)coherence among European and national policies targeting multifunctionality in boreal and temperate forests, and 2) identifying forest management scenarios that optimize ecological and economic objectives at national and European scales simultaneously.

MKosma.JPGMaari Kosma (Master student)
 In my Master project, I study conservation of ecological networks in area experiencing urban expansion. The aim is to use mitigation hierarchy at landscape-scale and examine methods that ensure no-net loss of connectivity. This will be done with spatial graph analyses and with a case-study concerning Siberian flying squirrel in Jyväskylä. My supervisors are Rémi Duflot and Kyle Eyvindson

EnniVirtanen_picture.JPGEnni Virtanen (Master student)
In my Master project, I study the role of protected areas in climate change mitigation. The purpose is to study how protected areas sequester carbon with the help of simulated data and statistical analysis. My supervisors are Kyle Eyvindson, María Triviño and Anna Repo.