Research and collaboration

My research projects:



Aquatic ecosystems and fishing

Many fish species worldwide suffer from overfishing, environmental changes and changes in species phenotypes. They ways how these translate to the resilience and recovery ability of the species is largely unknown yet resolving such causal pathways a key to understand conservational status of the populations, risks associated with human influences, and the principles of sustainable fishing. My research group tackles these problems through process-based eco-evolutionary and multispecies modelling as well as through upscaling empirical observations to the systems dynamics.


Fundamental ecology and evolutionary biology

Detecting mechanisms affecting and altering life-histories and species dynamics are not only relevant from applied perspectives but also contribute to our fundamental knowledge about population biology and species evolution. My research touches a broad range of such topics, for example, Allee effects and their impacts of population growth and recovery, phenotypic plasticity, life-history evolution and its ecological feedbacks, drivers of natural selection, abiotic and biotic interactions.


Fishing the web

As one of the ‘Key projects’ funded by the Academy of Finland, we have developed a computer-game type of interface ‘Kalapeli’ for a complex ecosystem model. The idea of this game is to provide an easy, user-friendly way to explore how fishing impacts not only target species but the entire ecosystem, through food web interactions.


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