IMPERIA project

Improving Environmental Assessment by Adopting Good Practices and  Tools of Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (IMPERIA 1.8.2012-31.12.2015)


In this partially EU LIFE+ project, new practices and tools were discovered and developed to enhance different phases of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). IMPERIA focused to production of outcomes with especially high interest and usability for practitioners in the field. This page includes only the results produced in English. More information can be found in IMPERIA pages in Finnish.

IMPERIA and pilot projects

The aim and methods of IMPERIA project and description of the three pilot projects and five minipilots used in developing and testing the tools and practices produced in the project.

ARVI tool

Excel-based tool for impact significance assessment and comparison of alternatives. ARVI can also be used to produce graphs visually showing the assessment results. Guidance for the use of ARVI is available.  

Results and educational material

Results of IMPERIA project are reported in scientific articles and various reports. The project was also presented in several international conferences and these presentations are available.