The personnel of the Department of Biological and Environmental Science
# Name Title Room Email Description
A Aalto Sanni Visiting Researcher YAD 217.1 sanni.lh.aalto@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Aaltonen Sari Doctoral Student YAC 322.1 sari.a.aaltonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ahinko Mira Doctoral Student YNC 231 mira.m.k.ahinko@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ahlholm Tellervo Controller YNC 311 tellervo.ahlholm@jyu.fi Economic Affairs
Aho Vesa Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 212.1 vesa.p.aho@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ahonen Juha Laboratory Technician YAD 311.1 bioenv-technical-staff@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ahonen Salla Doctoral Student YAD 271.2 salla.a.ahonen@jyu.fi
Ahti Pauliina Doctoral Student YAC 323.1. pauliina.a.s.ahti@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ambrosio Leal Dutra Lara Doctoral Student YAD 214.1 lara.l.ambrosio-leal-dutra@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Antenucci Lina Doctoral Student YAC 214.2 lina.antenucci@jyu.fi Biosciences
Arola Hanna Visiting Researcher YAD 215.2 hanna.e.arola@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ashrafi Roghaieh Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.1 roghaieh.ashrafi@jyu.fi Biosciences
Atique Faiqa Doctoral Student YAC 424.2 faiqa.atique@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
B Blomster-Tanttu Nina Travel Secretary T 350.13 bioenv-travel-servicecentre@jyu.fi Travel Affairs
Bruneaux Matthieu Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.3 matthieu.d.bruneaux@jyu.fi Biosciences
Burgas Riera Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.3 daniel.burgas@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
C Calhim Sara Academy Research Fellow YAC 413.1 sara.calhim@jyu.fi Biosciences
Chowdhury Motiur Doctoral Student YAC 324.1 motiur.chowdhury@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
D De Bona Sebastiano Doctoral Student YAC 424.3 sebastiano.s.debona@jyu.fi Biosciences
De Freitas Almeida Gabriel Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 210.1 gabriel.m.almeida@jyu.fi Biosciences
De Pasqual Chiara Doctoral Student YAC 426.1 chiara.c.depasqual@jyu.fi Biosciences
Duflot Remi Visiting Researcher YAC 320.1 remi.r.duflot@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
E Elo Merja Visiting Researcher YAC 440 merja.t.elo@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Eriksson Andreas Doctoral Student YAC 115.1 andreas.n.m.eriksson@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Eyvindson Kyle Senior Researcher YAC 320.1 kyle.j.eyvindson@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
F Franz Ole Technical Assistant YAD 213.1 ole.x.franz@jyu.fi Biosciences
Fromhage Lutz Academy Research Fellow YAC 415.1 lutz.fromhage@jyu.fi Biosciences
G Galarza Juan Senior Researcher YAC 240 juan.galarza@jyu.fi Biosciences
Garg Kunal Doctoral Student YAC 223.3 kunal.k.garg@jyu.fi Biosciences
Gilbert Leona Senior Lecturer YAC 216.1 leona.k.gilbert@jyu.fi Biosciences
Given Cindy Doctoral Student YAC 421.1 cindy.j.given@jyu.fi Biosciences
Granberg Sonja Financial Secretary Kokkola, KyC 335 bioenv-finance-servicecentre@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Green Hannah Project Researcher hagreen@jyu.fi Biosciences
H Haapakoski Marko Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 413.2 marko.j.haapakoski@jyu.fi Biosciences
Haataja Tatu Visitig Researcher YAC 216.2 tatu.j.k.haataja@jyu.fi Biosciences
Haimi Jari Lecturer YAC 313.2 jari.m.haimi@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hakanen Tiina Education Coordinator YAC 311.1 tiina.m.hakanen@jyu.fi Teaching and Study Issues
Halme Panu Senior Lecturer YAC 413.1 panu.halme@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment, School of Resource Wisdom
Helle Ilona Doctoral Student YAC 426 ilona.h.helle@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hiillos Anna-Lotta Doctoral Student YAC 424.1 anna-lotta.l.m.hiillos@jyu.fi Biosciences
Hiltunen Minna Postdoctoral Researcher YAD 217.2 minna.m.hiltunen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hocevar Sara Doctoral Student YAC 323.1 sara.s.hocevar@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hohti Jani Project Researcher YAC 423.2 jani.a.k.hohti@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hoikkala Anneli Emerita anneli.hoikkala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Hoikkala Ville Doctoral Student YAB 223.4 ville.hoikkala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Honkanen Nina Laboratory Technician YAD 312.1 nina.k.honkanen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Hopkins David Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.1 david.d.hopkins@jyu.fi Biosciences
Howlader Sajid Visiting Reseacher YAC 424.1 sajid.a.howlader@jyu.fi Biosciences
Huhta Veikko Emeritus v.huhta@pp.inet.fi Biosciences
Hult Tarja Secretary Tutkimusrakennus 125 tarja.hult@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Häkkilä Matti Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.3 matti.i.hakkila@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Häkkänen Heikki Laboratory Engineer YAD 310.1 heikki.hakkanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Hämäläinen Heikki Lecturer YAC 341 heikki.o.hamalainen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
I Ignatev Alexey Visiting Researcher YAC 113.1 alexey.n.ignatev@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ihalainen Janne Head of the Department YAB 214.2 janne.ihalainen@jyu.fi
Ihalainen Janne Professor YAB 214.2 janne.ihalainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ijäs Heini Doctoral Student YAB 212.1 heini.e.ijas@jyu.fi Biosciences
J Jalasvuori Matti Academy Research Fellow YAB 211.2 matti.jalasvuori@jyu.fi Biosciences
Jones Roger Emeritus roger.i.jones@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Juottonen Heli Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.2 heli.m.juottonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
K Kankare Maaria Senior Lecturer YAC 411.1 s.maaria.kankare@jyu.fi Biosciences
Karjalainen Anna Visiting Researcher anna.k.karjalainen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Karjalainen Juha Professor YAC 316.2 juha.s.karjalainen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Karusalmi Ahti Laboratory Technician YAD 311.1 bioenv-technical-staff@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Karvonen Anssi Senior Lecturer YAC 314.2 anssi.t.karvonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Karvonen Kati Doctoral Student YAC 213.2 kati.s.karvonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Karvonen Kati Project Researcher YAC 214.2 kati.s.karvonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kataja-aho Saana University Teacher YAC 323.2 saana.m.kataja-aho@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ketola Tarmo Academy Research Fellow YAC 410.2 tketola@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kettunen Erja Financial Secretary T 350.04 bioenv-finance-servicecentre@jyu.fi Economic Affairs
Keva Ossi Doctoral Student ossi.keva@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kiljunen Mikko Senior Researcher YAC 340.2 mikko.j.kiljunen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kinnunen Johanna Project Researcher YAC 411.1 johanna.k.kinnunen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kirvesoja Jimi Laboratory Technician YAC 442 jimi.kirvesoja@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kiukkanen Eliisa Laboratory Technician eliisa.k.kiukkanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kivilä Henriikka Doctoral Student YAC 324.2 henriikka.kivila@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kivisaari Kati Doctoral Student YN 340 kati.m.kivisaari@jyu.fi Biosciences
Klemme Ines Senior Researcher YAC 323.1 ines.klemme@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Knott Emily Professor YAC 415.3 emily.knott@jyu.fi Biosciences
Knott Emily Vice Head YAC 415.3 emily.knott@jyu.fi Teaching Affairs
Koistinen Mervi Laboratory Technician YAC 112.1 mervi.h.koistinen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Koivula Jaana Project Secretary YAC 321.1 bioenv-projects-servicecentre@jyu.fi Project Administration
Komonen Atte Senior Lecturer YAC 414.1 atte.komonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Koskela Esa Senior Lecturer YAC 415.2 esa.m.koskela@jyu.fi Biosciences
Koskinen Janne Laboratory Technician Tutkimushalli O 2 labramestarit-konnevesi@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Koskinen Katariina Doctoral Student YAB 211.1 katariina.h.koskinen@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Kotiaho Janne Professor YAC 416.1 janne.kotiaho@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kotikoski Juho Sivilian Service Person YAC 322.1 juho.ea.kotikoski@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kotiranta Anna Liisa Secretary YAC 321.1 bioenv-secretaries-servicecentre@jyu.fi Departmental Affairs, Phone Issues
Kovanen Harri Computer Technician YAD 321.1 harri.kovanen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kronholm Ilkka Visiting Researcher YAC 410.2 ilkka.kronholm@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kuha Jonna Laboratory Technician YAD 320.2 jonna.kuha@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kuitunen Markku Emeritus markku.kuitunen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kukkonen Jussi Professor YAC 116.2 jussi.v.k.kukkonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kunttu Heidi Postdoctoral Researcher YNC 310 heidi.kunttu@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kuopio Teijo Research Director YAC 215.3 teijo.h.kuopio@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kuparinen Anna Associate Professor YAC 316.1 anna.k.kuparinen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Kuparinen Anna Vice Head YAC 310.1 anna.k.kuparinen@jyu.fi Research Affairs
Kuznetsova Valentyna Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 212.1 valentyna.g.kuznetsova@jyu.fi Biosciences
Kytöviita Minna-Maarit Lecturer YAC 414.3 minna-maarit.kytoviita@jyu.fi Biosciences
L Laajala Mira Doctoral Student YAC 242 mira.a.laajala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Laanto Elina Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 210.1 elina.laanto@jyu.fi Biosciences
Laihonen Antti Doctoral Student YAD 215.2 antti.laihonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Latvanen Risto Laboratory Technician Verstas 101 labramestarit-konnevesi@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Lensu Anssi Senior Lecturer YAC 114.1 anssi.lensu@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Leppänen Aija Animal Attendant aija.k.leppanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Leppänen Miika Doctoral Student YNC 256 miika.j.leppanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Levänen Heli HR Secretary T 345.02 bioenv-hr-servivcecentre@jyu.fi Personnel Issues
Liedtke Jannis Visiting Researcher jannis.j.liedtke@jyu.fi Biosciences
Lindstedt-Kareksela Carita Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 442 carita.a.lindstedt@jyu.fi Biosciences
Lindström Leena Professor YAC 414.2 leena.m.lindstrom@jyu.fi Biosciences
Liukkonen Alli Laboratory Technician YAB 213.2 alli.liukkonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Lizarazo Clara Visiting Researcher clara.lizarazo@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
López-Sepulcre Andres Visiting Researcher YAC 424.3 lopezsepulcre@gmail.com Biosciences
M Mappes Johanna Professor YAC 441 johanna.r.mappes@jyu.fi Biosciences
Mappes Tapio Senior Lecturer YAC 410.1 tapio.mappes@jyu.fi Biosciences
Margus Aigi Visiting Researcher YAC 424.1 aigi.margus@jyu.fi Biosciences
Marjomäki Timo Lecturer YAC 313.1 timo.j.marjomaki@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Marjomäki Varpu Lecturer YAC 216.3 varpu.s.marjomaki@jyu.fi Biosciences
Martikainen Mari Doctoral Student YAC 242 mari.r.e.martikainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Marushchak Maija Postdoctoral Researcher maija.e.marushchak@jyu.fi
Mattila Sari Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 211.1 sari.p.mattila@jyu.fi Biosciences
Mattola Salla Doctoral Student YAB 212.2 salla.m.mattola@jyu.fi Biosciences
Muje Kari Visiting Researcher kari.i.muje@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Murphy Liam Doctoral Student YAC426.1 liam.m.murphy@jyu.fi Biosciences
Mustajärvi Linda Doctoral Student YAC 423.2 linda.j.mustajarvi@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Mäki Anita Doctoral Student YAD 214.1 anita.maki@jyu.fi Biosciences
Mäntylä Kirsi Instrument Caretaker YAC 222.1 kirsi.m1.mantyla@jyu.fi Laboratory and Technical Staff
Mäyränen Merja Instrument Caretaker YAC 222.1 merja.a.mayranen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Mönkkönen Mikko Professor (on leave of absence) YAC 416.2 mikko.monkkonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
N Nanekar Rahul Visiting Researcher YAC 216.2 rahul.t.nanekar@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nasiri Moghadam Neda Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 410.2 neda.n.nasiri-moghadam@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nevala Jasmin Instrument Caretaker YAC 222.1 jasmin.m.nevala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nieminen Eini Doctoral Student YAC 420.1 eini.m.nieminen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Nieminen Monica Project Manager YAD 213.2 monica.a.nieminen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nissinen Riitta Visiting Researcher YAC 215.2 riitta.m.nissinen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nisu Helinä Laboratory Technician Tutkimusrakennus 137 helina.nisu@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Nokelainen Ossi Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 442 ossi.nokelainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Nousiainen Olli Laboratory Technician YAD 321.1 olli.nousiainen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Nyholm Kristiina Doctoral Student YAC 324.2 kristiina.nyholm@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Nykky Jonna University Teacher YAC 223.3 jonna.nykky@jyu.fi Biosciences
O Olascoaga Benat Visiting Researcher benat.b.olascoaga@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Oldén Anna Postdoctoral Researcher anna.m.olden@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ottocento Cristina Doctoral Student YAC 426.1 cristina.c.ottocento@jyu.fi Biosciences
P Pajunen Emma Laboratory Technician YAC 112.1 emma.t.pajunen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Pakkanen Hannu Laboratory Engineer YAD 312.2 and YSK 516 hannu.k.pakkanen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Papponen Petri Chief Laboratory Technician YAC 214.2 petri.papponen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Pekkala Nina Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 214.2 nina.a.pekkala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Pennanen Jussi Project Manager YAD 213.1 jussi.t.pennanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Penttilä Anu Project Secretary YAC 321.1 (Mon-Tue) anu.p.penttila@jyu.fi Project Administration
Penttinen Reetta Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 211.1 reetta.k.penttinen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Permi Perttu Professor YNC 210 perttu.permi@jyu.fi Biosciences, Department of Chemistry
Perälä Tommi Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 310.1 tommi.a.perala@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Peura Maiju Doctoral Student YAC 320.2 maiju.h.peura@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Pirhonen Juhani Senior Lecturer YAC 314.1 juhani.pirhonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Pitkänen Laura Laboratory Technician YAC 224.1 laura.p.pitkanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Pohjanmies Tähti Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 320.2 tahti.t.pohjanmies@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Poikela Noora Doctoral Student YAC 411.1 noora.p.poikela@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Postila Pekka Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 215.3 pekka.a.postila@jyu.fi Biosciences
Pudas Arttur Project Researcher YAC 213.2 arttur.r.r.pudas@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Pulkkinen Katja Senior Lecturer YAC 340.2 katja.pulkkinen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Purhonen Jenna Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 423.2 jenna.purhonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Puupponen Veli-Mikko Doctoral Student YAD 213.1 veli-mikko.s.puupponen@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Puurtinen Mikael Senior Researcher YAC 420.2 mikael.puurtinen@jyu.fi Biosciences
R Raatikainen Jyrki Chief Laboratory Technician Tutkimusrakennus 133 jyrki.raatikainen@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station
Raatikainen Kaisa Visiting Researcher kaisa.raatikainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Rantamo Anu Research Assistant krista.a.e.rantamo@student.jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Reponen Marleena Chief Laboratory Technician YAD 320.2 marleena.m.reponen@jyu.fi Biosciences and Natural Resources and Environment
Reshamwala Dhanik Doctoral Student dhanik.d.reshamwala@student.jyu.fi Biosciences
Rigaud Cyril Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 115.1 cyril.c.rigaud@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Riipinen Eeva Project Secretary T 358 bioenv-projects-servicecentre@jyu.fi Project Administration
Rojas Zuluaga Bibiana Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 240 bibiana.rojas@jyu.fi Biosciences
Rumfeldt Jessica Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 211.2 jessica.j.rumfeldt@jyu.fi Biosciences
Runtuvuori Anniina Doctoral Student YAB 211.2 anniina.runtuvuori@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ruokolainen Visa Doctoral Student YAC 242 visa.ruokolainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ruokonen Timo Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 326.2 timo.j.ruokonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Ruotsalainen Pilvi Doctoral Student YAB 223.4 pilvi.t.ruotsalainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ruuhilehto Elina Postdoctoral Researcher YAD 217.1 elina.dadu@jyu.fi Biosciences
Räihä Ville Doctoral Student YAC 324.1 ville.p.raiha@student.jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
S Saarenheimo Jatta Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 324.1 jatta.karhunen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Saifullah Shahed Doctoral Student YAC 422.1 shadeh.s.saifullah@jyu.fi Biosciences
Salmelin Johanna Postdoctoral Researcher YN 310 johanna.k.salmelin@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Salmi Pauliina Senior Lecturer YAC 315.1 pauliina.u.m.salmi@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Salmi Pauliina Visiting Researcher YAD 214.1 pauliina.u.m.salmi@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Salonen Jouni Visiting Researcher YAC 310.1 jouni.k.salonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Sarkkinen Paula HR Coordinator MaD 356 (Mon), T 345 (Tue), YAC 321.1 (Wed to Fri) bioenv-hr-servicecentre@jyu.fi Recruitment, employment contracts
Savolainen Tiina Doctoral Student YAC 424.2 tiina.savolainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Schilder Johannes Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 340.2 johannes.c.schilder@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Sievert Thorbjörn Doctoral Student YAC 413.2 thorbjorn.t.sievert@jyu.fi Biosciences
Sjövik Rosanna Project Researcher YAC 324.2 rosanna.sjovik@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Stevcic Cedomir Doctoral Student YAC 326.2 cedomir.stevcic@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Suisto Kaisa Laboratory Technician YAC 442 kaisa.h.suisto@jyu.fi Biosciences
Sundberg Lotta-Riina Associate Professor YNC 110 lotta-riina.sundberg@jyu.fi Biosciences
Suurnäkki Suvi Postdoctoral Researcher suvi.a.e.suurnakki@jyu.fi Biosciences
Syrjänen Jukka Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 322.2 jukka.t.syrjanen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
T Taipale Sami Senior Lecturer YAC 114.2 sami.taipale@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Takala Heikki Postdoctoral Researcher YAB 214.4 heikki.p.takala@jyu.fi Biosciences
Taskinen Jouni Professor YAC 315.2 jouni.k.taskinen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Tervonen Kaisa Doctoral Student YAC 423.2 kaisa.i.tervonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Thapa Chandan Doctoral Student YAC 216.2 chandan.j.thapa@jyu.fi Biosciences
Tiirola Marja Professor YAD 214.2 marja.tiirola@jyu.fi Biosciences
Tikka Santtu Doctoral Student santtu.tikka@jyu.fi Biosciences
Tolonen Kimmo Senior Researcher YAC 324.1 kimmo.t.tolonen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Triviño de la Cal Maria Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 320.1 maria.trivino@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Tuhkanen Tuula Professor YAC 115.2 tuula.a.tuhkanen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Tuittila Satu Visiting Researcher satu.m.tuittila@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Tupala Anna-Kaisa Doctoral Student YAC 423.2 anhetupa@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Tyukmaeva Venera Visiting Researcher YAC 424.1 venera.v.tyukmaeva@jyu.fi Biosciences
U Uusi-Heikkilä Silva Senior Researcher YAC 310.1 silva.k.uusi-heikkila@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
V Valkonen Janne Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 442 janne.k.valkonen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Vallius Elisa University Teacher YAC 310.2 elisa.vallius@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Vecchi Matteo Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 424.3 matteo.m.vecchi@jyu.fi Biosciences
Vehniäinen Eeva-Riikka Academy Research Fellow YAC 114.3 eeva-riikka.vehniainen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Vesterinen Milko Doctoral Student YAC 323.1 milko.vesterinen@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Vihinen-Ranta Maija Senior Lecturer YAB 213.1 maija.vihinen-ranta@jyu.fi Biosciences
Viinikainen Sari Laboratory Technician YAD 313.1 sari.m.viinikainen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Virtanen Elina Chief Laboratory Technician YAD 310.3 elina.m.virtanen@jyu.fi Biosciences
Vuento Matti Emeritus matti.a.vuento@jyu.fi Biosciences
Vähätalo Anssi Senior Lecturer YAC 116.1 anssi.vahatalo@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Välilä Santtu Doctoral Student YNC 310 santtu.j.valila@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Väärämäki Mikko Project Researcher YAD 213.1 mikko.vaaramaki@jyu.fi Biosciences
X Xiao Yihua Postdoctoral Researcher YAC 115.1 yihua.y.xiao@jyu.fi Natural Resources and Environment
Y Ylänne Jari Professor YAC 241 jari.p.ylanne@jyu.fi Biosciences
Ylönen Hannu Station Director, Professor YAA 202.2 hannu.j.ylonen@jyu.fi Konnevesi Research Station, Natural Resources and Environment
Ö Övermark Elsi Dctoral Student elsi.h.overmark@student.jyu.fi Biosciences