Kankare Maaria, Senior Lecturer

YAC 411.1


  • Supervision of PhD students / Jatko-opiskelijoiden ohjaus
  • Supervision of Master students / Pro gradu -tutkielmien ohjaus
  • Methods in Evolutionary Genetics / Evoluutiogenetiikan menetelmät
  • Genetics and Genomics in wild populations / Genetiikkaa ja genomiikkaa luonnonpopulaatioissa


  • Research interests: Alternative splicing in adaptation. Introgression in adaptation. Effect of Trypanosoma parasites in cold tolerance. Effect of inversions in adaptation and introgression.
  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • One gene can produce several proteins in a process called alternative splicing. We investigate this phenomenon using genetic methods and try to clarify its connection to adaptation to changing environmental conditions. This research will produce information on cold adaptation which is one of the key things when e. g. pest species are spreading more and more northwards.