Lensu Anssi, Senior Lecturer

Natural Resources and Environment
Lensu Anssi, Senior Lecturer
YAC 114.1


  • Geoinformatics, sources of geographic information and GI analysis methods
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing remote sensing data (aerial images, ALS point clouds)
  • Use and principles of global navigation support systems
  • Spatial and computational statistics, multivariate methods, meta-analysis
  • Environmental science, sources of environmental data, environmental and spatial planning


  • Research interests: Object-based image analysis methods for habitat detection. Applicability of hyperspectral and thermal imaging in the detection of valuable habitats. Combining several types and resolutions of remote sensing data in LCLU classification. Optimization methods for solving distributed renewable energy planning tasks. Spatial interpolation methods in environmental studies.
  • Why and to whom my research is important
    • In the planning of measures of environmental protection, it is important to detect or locate, for example, the most valuable natural sites for several species, the best habitats for some particular species, or the source areas of nutrient emissions into waterways. Remote sensing data sets and other spatial or geographic information facilitate the studying of these phenomena if suitable computational methods are used for analyzing them. In our research, we acquire by UAV, collect from national data sources, process and analyze these kinds of spatial data sets and try to promote the minimization of harmful environmental impacts in land use planning situations.
  • More information: Personal website